Big Physics

Engineers, scientists, and physicists around the world are working on high-energy physics with particle accelerators, energy from fusion, and astrophysics with advanced telescopes. It’s common for these domain experts to need hardware and software that meets their measurement, diagnostic, control, interlock, and safety system requirements. From programming multicore embedded real-time systems that contain FPGAs to working with high-speed data acquisition systems that require timing and synchronization, NI offers commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software and hardware to help meet these needs.

Particle Accelerators and Synchrotrons

  • Beam position monitors, fast orbit feedback control, beam line automation, collimator alignment
  • General-purpose real-time and FPGA-based hardware to build your systems
  • Support for EPICS, TANGO, CORBA, and other middleware

Fusion Reactors

  • Thomson scattering, plasma shape control, neutral beam injector
  • Motion and vision tools for FPGA-based hardware for control and custom measurements
  • Multicore deterministic programming for real-time math


  • Active mirror control, signal processing
  • Timing and synchronization for alignment and multiple system control
  • Motion and vision platforms with FPGA-based processing and control

Big Physics Team at National Instruments

The team uses customizable COTS products to assist engineers and scientists with challenges in measurements, diagnostics, and control. It provides Linux and Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System (EPICS) drivers and performs radiation and magnetic field testing for NI platforms.

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Discuss, view, and download peer presentations on meeting challenges with COTS technologies. Also learn about Big Physics events.

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