Programmable Automation Controllers (PACs)

NI designs its programmable automation controllers (PACs) with the latest processing technology to solve advanced control problems in rugged, industrial environments. NI PACs are programmable with LabVIEW software, an integrated and graphical development environment.

CompactRIO is an advanced PAC with more than 150 third-party I/O modules, 24 controllers, and multiple communication protocol options.

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NI Programmable Automation Controllers

NI PAC Advantages

Accomplish more in less time with a rugged, industry-proven embedded design platform. Improve the way you design and deploy advanced control and monitoring systems by taking advantage of the unrivaled performance and flexibility of the CompactRIO platform.

Getting Started With an NI PAC

NI has the resources to help you be more productive with a PAC. Whether you are an experienced LabVIEW user or new to NI system design tools, NI PACs can help you do more with your next control system project.

Industries and Applications: Embedded Control and Monitoring

The advantages of NI PACs, such as ruggedness, processing power, and open programmability, make them ideal for a wide variety of industries and applications. From oil and gas to electrical power, NI PACs help you lower cost through better control system design.