Modular Engineering Education Laboratory Platform

NI ELVIS is the complete teaching solution optimized for student laboratory experience.

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Hands-On Learning Laboratory Experience

The NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) is a modular platform with an integrated suite of 12 commonly used measurement instruments in a single compact form factor.

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Discover how to engage students with a comprehensive laboratory approach and improve concept comprehension by adopting an interactive, hands-on learning environment used by universities and colleges worldwide.

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NI ELVIS is combined with course-specific add-on boards to teach engineering concepts in circuits, microcontrollers, controls, telecommunications, measurements, and power and energy.

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Top Reasons Educators Choose NI ELVIS

Find out why educators consider NI ELVIS as their educational platform for teaching in the classroom and laboratory.

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Expand NI ELVIS to New Measurements

Take advantage of the open NI ELVIS interface by downloading ready-to-run measurement instruments to expand NI ELVIS into new courses, laboratories, and applications.

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