What Is NI myDAQ?


NI myDAQ is a low-cost data acquisition (DAQ) device that gives students the ability to measure and analyze live signals anywhere, anytime. NI myDAQ is compact and portable so students can extend hands-on learning outside of the lab environment using industry-standard tools and methods. NI myDAQ addresses student needs for the following:

Time with tools:

Multiple instruments on one low-cost DAQ platform

Time with concepts:

Portable, USB-powered, and built to last

Time to discover:

Instant relevance, programmability, and project-readiness

Students Need Time With Tools: Multiple Instruments on One Low-Cost DAQ Platform


Multiple Instruments

NI myDAQ combines hardware with eight ready-to-run software-defined instruments, including a function generator, oscilloscope, and digital multimeter (DMM); these software instruments are also used on the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite II (NI ELVIS II) hardware platform so the lab experience can be extended to experiments anywhere, anytime. With NI LabVIEW system design software, users can extend the instrument functionality into hundreds of custom applications.

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One Low-Cost DAQ Platform

NI myDAQ includes two analog inputs and two analog outputs at 200 kS/s and 16 bits, allowing for applications such as sampling an audio signal; eight digital inputs and output lines, providing power for simple circuits with +5, +15, and -15 volt power supplies; and a 60 V DMM to measure voltage, current, and resistance. Built on the same technology as industry-leading NI DAQ, these trusted tools give students experience they can use long into research and careers.

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Students Need Time With Concepts: Portable, USB-Powered, and Built to Last

Self-Paced Learning Anywhere, Anytime

NI myDAQ is pocket-size, portable, and completely USB-powered, so it can go anywhere a laptop can, giving students the ability to set the pace of their learning and experience engineering regardless of where they are.

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Built to Last

All NI hardware devices are designed and tested to the highest safety standards and include a minimum one-year warranty, so NI myDAQ is durable, dependable, and student-ready. More than 1,000 colleges and universities worldwide use NI myDAQ.

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Students Need Time to Discover: Instant Relevance, Programmability, and Project-Readiness

Instant Relevance

Inspired by customer applications and developed in collaboration with leading educational suppliers, NI miniSystems extend NI myDAQ with small-scale replications of real-world systems like a roll-chassis dynamometer or earthquake-simulating shaker table. These systems give students the chance to work on the challenges that attracted them to engineering in the first place, helping educators engage and retain the next generation of innovators. For circuits applications, NI Multisim circuit design software also integrates seamlessly with NI myDAQ so students can compare simulated prelab results to acquired data in one environment, eliminating the need to manually plot data and overlay onto simulated results.

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With LabVIEW, users can extend the functionality of NI myDAQ into hundreds of custom instruments with downloadable examples including a proportional integral derivative (PID) controller, digital frequency counter, and audio equalizer. LabVIEW also gives students the ability to quickly configure a measurement system, analyze the data with the built-in analysis libraries, and view the data through custom reports.

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With the portability and extensibility of NI myDAQ and LabVIEW, students own their learning experience by performing experiments and projects at the moment of inspiration. Students have the tools to tinker and explore concepts, limited only by their own creativity and imagination.

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High School Lesson Plans and Resources

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