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Multicore Programming Resources

Multicore processors present new software challenges that must be overcome to fully take advantage of processing capabilities in test, control, and embedded design applications. Explore the following resources to learn how you can use graphical programming to multithread your applications, implement parallel programming strategies, and harness the power of dual-core and multicore processors.

Multicore Webcast Series

The Adoption of Multicore

View how the multicore platform is evolving to gain industry acceptance. Presented by Markus Levy, President, Multicore Association.

Graphical System Design in a Multicore Environment

Learn about the move toward multicore platforms along with the software implications for taking advantage of the processing potential. Presented by Ryan Parker, Intel.

LabVIEW Under the Hood: A Decade of Running on Multiprocessor/Multicore Platforms

See how the LabVIEW graphical programming language addresses the software challenges of multicore programming by helping engineers create efficient multithreaded code and parallel programming strategies. Presented by Dr. Aljosa Vrancic, Principal Engineer, National Instruments.

Technical Resources

Read the Multicore Programming Fundamentals White Paper Series

Browse white papers to learn about the basics of multithreading, multicore programming strategies, and performance benchmarks on dual-core and multicore processors.

Develop High-Performance Real-Time Systems with Multicore Technology

View the webcast to learn how NI LabVIEW Real-Time takes advantage of multicore performance with symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) for high-end test, control, and design applications that require reliability and determinism.