What Is Measurement Studio?

Measurement Studio is the only suite of tools designed for building professional engineering applications in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012, and 2013 to acquire, analyze, and display measurement data. It offers extensible measurement classes and user interface (UI) controls for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows, and Web Forms to help you design an end-to-end test or measurement system in Visual Basic .NET and Visual C#.

Key Features

Explore the main features of Measurement Studio below.

Engineering UI Controls

Present Data in an Intuitive and Impactful Format

Use graphs, charts, gauges, knobs, meters, and LEDs that are designed for engineering applications and are compatible with hardware-acquired data types.

Easily Create Professional UIs

Choose from a full suite of WPF controls to create a sophisticated, resolution-independent user experience.

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Extensibility and Customization

Extend Classes, Controls, and Hardware Interfaces

Use Measurement Studio component base classes as a foundation and then inherit from and extend them to create customized classes.

Customize the User Experience

Quickly configure control properties with design-time smart tags and bind control values or properties to a .NET data source.

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Data Management

Stream Measurement Data to Disk

Add custom information to acquired data by using the fastest and most flexible format for storing measurement data to disk, TDMS.

Share Data Across Platforms

Publish data instantly across the network or perform post-processing and report generation in Excel or NI DIAdem.

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Advanced Analysis Libraries

Draw Meaningful Information From Your Data

Access over 500 engineering functions such as frequency analysis, curve fitting, statistics, and advanced math.

Implement Inline Processing of Raw Data

Perform inline analysis in real time on acquired signals without the difficult task of writing custom parsing algorithms.

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Hardware Communication

Achieve Shorter Time to Meaningful Measurements

Remove the complexity of hardware communication through high-level, intuitive, object-oriented hardware class libraries.

Accelerate Development With Productivity Tools

Interactively configure and generate ready-to-use DAQ code from within Visual Studio.

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Support Tools in Visual Studio

Start With Integrated Examples, Templates, and Wizards

Get started faster with over 100 fully functional example applications and built-in project templates.

Access Help and Technical Support

Receive personalized help from trained engineers to design, set up, and troubleshoot your hardware and software.

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Installer Builder

Ensure Proper Run-Time Behavior

Harness Microsoft Windows Installer distribution technology to package built libraries, executables, drivers, and dependencies into a single installer.

Stay in Your Native Environment

Launch the Installer Builder from within Visual Studio and configure options in an intuitive user interface.

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Compatibility With NI TestStand

Automate the Test Process

Call Measurement Studio .NET assemblies in NI TestStand and then gather and report test results. Use Measurement Studio to create the UI for your test system.

Take Advantage of Flexible Debugging

Edit and debug .NET assemblies from NI TestStand using Visual Studio with direct integration provided by Measurement Studio.

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