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Measurement Studio Standard Edition

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Acquire and Plot Data

Create Windows Forms applications for data acquisition or instrument control with basic signal generation.

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Measurement Studio Professional Edition

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Process and Share Data

Perform signal processing and share data via network variables and ASP.NET Web applications.

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Measurement Studio Enterprise Edition

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Analyze and Interpret Data

Use linear algebra, statistics, and curve fitting to get insightful results.

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Compare Features

Use the following chart to compare Measurement Studio packages.

Features Standard Professional Enterprise
Visual Studio 2013 Support
Visual Studio 2012 Support
Visual Studio 2010 Support
Windows Presentation Foundation Controls – Waveform Graph, Scatter Graph, Intensity Graph, Polar Graph, Digital Graph, Legend, Graph Interaction Palette, LED, Slide, Meter, Gauge, Knob, Numeric Text Box, TimeStamp Text Box, Tank, Switch, Arrow Button, Power Button and Boolean Content Button
Windows Forms Controls—Waveform Graph, Scatter Graph, Digital Graph, Complex Graph, Intensity Graph, Property Editor, Legend, LED, Slide, Meter, Gauge, Knob, Numeric Edit, Tank, Switch, Thermometer, LED Array, Switch Array, and Numeric Array
Standard Analysis Class Library for Basic Signal Generation¹
NI-488.2 Class Library²
NI-VISA Class Library²
NI-DAQmx Class Library²
Instrument Driver .NET Wizard
Project Wizards
Installer Builder
ASP.NET Web Form Controls—Waveform Graph, Scatter Graph, Digital Graph, Complex Graph, Legend, LED, Slide, Meter, Gauge, Knob, Numeric Edit, Tank, Switch, Thermometer, and Auto Refresh.
Professional Analysis Class Libraries for Array Operations, Signal Generation, Windowing, Filters, and Signal Processing¹
3D Graph ActiveX Control
Windows Presentation Foundation Mixed Graph Control
Windows Presentation Foundation Writeable Graph Control
User Interface Network Variable Binding
Network Variable Class Library
Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) Class Library
The Parameter Assistant
The Data Acquisition Assistant
DataSocket API
Enterprise Analysis Class Libraries for Spectral Measurements, Linear Algebra, Statistics, and Curve Fitting¹

¹See link for specific analysis available in each package.

²Included with the NI device driver software (does not require Measurement Studio). 

The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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