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USB Instruments

View a short demo.
See new bus-powered DMM and Digitizer in action.

National Instruments is expanding the performance and capabilities offered by portable instrumentation with new USB instruments. The small, plug-and-play form factor of these bus-powered instruments makes them ideal for portable, bench top, and OEM applications. These instruments offer benefits including:

  • USB bus-powered operation
  • Lightweight, portable form factor
  • Plug-and-play ease of use

Featured USB Instruments


The NI USB-5132/5133 50 MS/s and 100 MS/s digitizers offer two simultaneously sampled channels with 8-bit resolution, 10 input ranges from 40 mV to 40 V, and 4 MB/ch of onboard memory.

Digital Multimeter (DMM)

The NI USB-4065 offers 6½-digits of resolution at up to 10 readings per second and up to 3,000 readings per second at lower resolutions.

RF Power Meter

The NI USB-5680 is a 6 GHz true RMS power meter that features high measurement accuracy and wide dynamic range packaged in a size similar to a typical power head.

Additional Products