Mobile Technology for Measurement and Control


Take Your Measurements Mobile

Learn how engineers and scientists are using mobile technology for measurement and control applications. Mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, are increasingly being adopted for measurement and control applications. Their evolving functionality and use cases include visualization capabilities and connectivity to wireless hardware devices. Explore the following resources to learn about connecting NI LabVIEW system design software and NI hardware with mobile devices, and download NI mobile apps.

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NI Mobile Apps

Data Acquisition and Display

Data Dashboard for LabVIEW
Create a custom dashboard to control and monitor your LabVIEW application remotely. Access data using secure LabVIEW web services, pull data from the NI Technical Data Cloud, and share dashboards with others from your iPad. Some features are also available on Android tablets and Windows 8 devices. To learn more, read Smartphones and Tablets for Measurement and Control.

Data Dashboard Mobile for LabVIEW
Create a custom and portable view for your LabVIEW applications. Display the values of network- published shared variables and/or web services on charts, gauges, text indicators, and LEDs.

NI cDAQ-9191 Data Display
Wirelessly take voltage measurements from an NI cDAQ-9191 chassis with an NI 9215 C Series measurement module using your iOS or Android device. Note: The NI cDAQ-9191 requires a firmware upgrade to enable compatibility with the app.

Reference and Learning

NI DAQ Device Pinouts
Easily access device pinouts for NI DAQ hardware. You can search for your device, bookmark it, and access the product support page for manuals, specifications, and documentation.

LabVIEW Intro
View a beginner's guide to LabVIEW system design software. Understand the software's fundamental building blocks by creating a virtual instrument for bridge monitoring.

Multisim Circuit Explorer
Examine and understand common electronic circuits with Multisim Circuit Explorer. Using this textbook curriculum companion, you can immediately see the effect of electronic parameters when modified for 18 circuits.


NI SRManager
Customers with service contracts can contact NI support directly from this application and view a summary of their service requests, including email correspondence and notes entered by NI engineering staff.

Smartphones, Tablets, and Mobile Devices NI Community

Share ideas, download example code, and collaborate with other engineers and scientists incorporating mobile devices in their projects, from using released NI products to creating custom mobile applications.

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