Medical Device Test

Learn More About Automated High-Voltage Defibrillator Testing

David Hakey
Medtronic, Inc.

"The new automated system can run 12 modules asynchronously with FPGA digital I/O communication, testing up to four different product types with a test time of 48 minutes for 12 devices."

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For more than 30 years, National Instruments has helped companies worldwide build more cost-effective automated test systems. With NI hardware and software, engineers can choose from a wide variety of measurement, signal generation, RF, power, and switch modules and then configure the instruments in software to meet their specific measurement tasks. Test engineers can reduce costs by investing in a platform that combines open PC technologies and modular instrumentation with industry-leading test system software.

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Learn how National Instruments hardware and software can help you increase the quality of your automated test methodologies. Use NI tools to create modular, software-defined test systems with increased throughput and flexibility for lower overall costs. Also, learn best practices for creating effective and safe test systems from the automated test experts.

Medical Device Test
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Semiconductor Test System

With National Instruments PXI and modular instruments, a wide variety of automated test and validation systems are possible. This example is a semiconductor validation test system designed to test the digital characteristics of a CMOS semiconductor chip.

  • High-speed digital waveform generator
  • Precision source measure unit (SMU)
  • Example code for BERTs

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RF Test System

National Instruments supplies modular, software-defined RF instrumentation that can help you design and test your wireless devices and dramatically reduce your test times. With software-defined instruments, you can test multiple wireless standards using one system.

  • Test any number of industry standard and custom protocols
  • Increase throughput with multicore processing
  • Integrate DC and mixed-signal measurements, switching, and RAID storage

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Benefits of Using NI

  • Reduce costs while increasing throughput and quality
  • Take a variety of measurements from RF to high precision
  • Meet process requirements and regulatory standards

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