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"NI played a fundamental part in achieving our goals. Our product design, prototype, and eventual deployment timelines were met because of the graphical system design platform from NI."

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By using the National Instruments graphical system design platform, you can focus on the scientific principles behind treatments as opposed to low-level implementation details. When a quick functional prototype is your goal, NI hardware can provide the fastest path to a real working system. When it comes time to validate, NI provides tools to help streamline the testing, audit, and documentation of your medical device.

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National Instruments provides the tools and technology that you need to prototype and eventually deploy your medical device. National Instruments prototyping platforms combine NI LabVIEW graphical programming, supported middleware and drivers, and word-class analog, digital, and communications I/O hardware. With NI field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology, you can increase the quality of your device and reduce the risk to your patient by implementing safety-critical components in hardware.

Portable Medical Device

For all-in-one portable medical devices, complex electrical and mechanical design is required. National Instruments reduces design time by providing an embedded processor, a field-programmable gate array (FPGA), and intgrated analog and digital circuitry on a single-board computer for low-cost and high-performance systems.

  • Single-board computer with analog and digital I/O
  • Ability to program with LabVIEW graphical programming or use C and VHDL code
  • Touch panel human machine interface (HMI)

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PC-Based Medical Device

National Instruments provides a variety of PC-based solutions suitable for use in a complex medical device. From motion and vision, to high-speed digitizers, to FPGAs, NI tools can help you design a safe and reliable system.

  • Lower patient risk with PCI FPGA hardware
  • Integrate motion and vision for truly intelligent devices
  • Use LabVIEW graphical programming, NI LabWindows™/CVI, or third-party development tools

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NI Qualified Design Partners are companies qualified in board-level hardware design and embedded system development, as well as involved in the design and delivery of our products as solutions.

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Benefits of Using NI

  • Design complex algorithms quickly with graphical software
  • Prototype easily with off-the-shelf hardware and drivers
  • Reduce patient risk with field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology
  • Deploy on embedded hardware
  • Generate reports and other documentation for validation

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