New Features in LabWindows™/CVI 2017

With updates that improve debugging and enhance editor usability, LabWindows/CVI 2017 will help developers take concept to hardware faster than ever before.

Latest Features in LabWindows/CVI


Enhanced Debugging with Sophisticated Breakpoints

With the addition of tracepoints and thread-specific breakpoints, time-dependent and multi-threaded applications become much easier to develop and debug.

User Interface Event Logger

Increase understanding of UI events that will be triggered by a user interacting with an application’s front panel.

Support for OpenMP Parallel Programming

Easily add parallelism to existing code without significant edits using the portable and scalable OpenMP API.

Source Code Browsing and Formatting Tools

Improved syntax highlighting and parenthetical completion reduce development effort. Create cleaner code with batch formatting and auto-indentation.

Reliable Data Streaming and Storage APIs

Achieve efficient, lossless data streaming between networked applications using the Network Streams API. Advanced TDMS functions add high-performance streaming to disk.

More Idea Exchange Features From Customers

Improve productivity with features for function navigation, project folder organization, and customization of graph and plot display styles.

Download LabWindows/CVI 2017

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View LabWindows/CVI OS Support Roadmap and Life Cycle Policy

Use the life cycle guidelines and desktop OS support to better understand your software, plan migrations, and maximize resources. OS support information for LabWindows/CVI modules and toolkit software is not included.

Read More About the New Features

Get detailed information about the LLVM compiler and how to use the new OpenMP, Advanced TDMS, and Network Streams APIs. Also discover how to improve your productivity with new code formatting and source code browsing tools.

  • Legend:
    Enhanced Feature
    Feature Included
Feature 2015 2013 2012 2010 2009 9.0
OpenMP Support
- - - -
Windows 8.1 Support
- - - -
Side-by-Side Run Time
- - -
ANSI C99 Language Extensions
Backward Compatibility
Multicore Programming
Run Applications on Linux
Advanced Analysis
500+ Analysis Functions
User Interface
UI Tooltips
- - -
Progress Bar Control
Graph and Strip Chart Controls
Native Tab and Tree Controls
Table Control and Toolbars
Knobs, Tanks, and Temperature Controls
Arrays of UI Controls
- - -
Integrated Workspace Environment
Function Navigation Pull-Down List
- - - -
Batch Auto-Indent Support in Source Window
- - - -
Execution Profiler Toolkit ¹
- - -
Source Code Control
Project Templates
Function Panel HTML Generation
System Deployment
Code Comment Tags
- -
Attribute Browser
- -
Collapsible Source Code Regions
Auto Backup and Recover
Localization Support on the UI
Drag-and-Drop Ability
Project Wizard
UI Editor
Custom-Build Configurations
- -
Patchable User Distributions
- -
Custom FPGA-Interface C API Function Panels
- -
LLVM Optimizing Compiler Infrastructure
- - - -
Build Source Files in Parallel
- - - -
Edit Code While Building
- - - -
Compiler Warning Levels
- - - -
Precompiled Headers
Third-Party Release Compilers
Command-Line Compiler
Detach From Process
- - - -
Debuggable Static Libraries
- - - -
Variables and Watch Windows
Automatic Memory Leak Detection
Remote Debugging
Change Point of Execution
Quick-Edit Variables in Tooltips
Multicore Execution Tracing
Attach to Preexisting Process
- -
Engineering Libraries
Network Streams API
- - - -
Advanced TDMS Data Streaming API
- - - -
SQL Toolkit²
- - - -
PID Toolkit³
- - - -
Microsoft .NET Support
Interface to Win32 API
Network Variable Communication
Development of Real-Time Applications
Database Connectivity
Visual Studio Wizards
Hardware Communication
Wireless Measurements
Multicore Hardware
USB, PCI, and PCI Express Measurements
PXI, PXI Express, and Modular Instruments Hardware
10,000+ Instrument Drivers
GPIB and VISA Integration
IVI Custom Class Driver Wizard
DAQ Assistant
Instrument I/O Assistant


¹The LabWindows/CVI Execution Profiler Toolkit is included with LabWindows/CVI Full in version 2012 or later. 

² The LabWindows/CVI SQL Toolkit is included with LabWindows/CVI Full in version 2013 SP2 or later. 

³ The LabWindows/CVI PID Toolkit is included with LabWindows/CVI Base in version 2013 SP2 or later.

The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from LMI, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a worldwide basis.

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