What Is LabWindows™/CVI?

LabWindows/CVI is a proven ANSI C integrated development environment and engineering toolbox. For over 25 years, developers have relied on LabWindows/CVI to create stable, high-performance applications for the manufacturing, military, aerospace, telecommunications, and automotive industries. Take your concept to hardware faster with built-in hardware libraries, analysis functions, and a GUI builder with engineering UI components.

Key Features

Explore the main features of LabWindows/CVI below.

Integrated Environment

Develop, Debug, and Manage Large Applications

Manage your project, edit and debug source code, build a UI, and test code output and performance in one streamlined, tabbed workspace. Customize your development style.

Create Professional and Portable Applications

Develop high-quality, shippable applications with tools for advanced debugging, code documentation, and system deployment. Integrate source code control, requirements, and data management systems.

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Productivity Tools

Complete Development Projects in Less Time

Program faster using LabWindows/CVI CodeBuilder to generate code skeletons. Drag and drop functions into your program and test code segments in the Interactive Execution window.

Streamline the Debugging Process

Find and fix bugs with advanced tools for memory leak detection, conditional breakpoints, and just-in-time debugging. Also discover program inefficiencies with the LabWindows/CVI Execution Profiler.

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Hardware Connectivity

Connect to a Wide Variety of Instruments and FPGAs

Quickly acquire data from GPIB, USB, serial, Ethernet, PXI, VXI, and FPGA instruments using the built-in instrument I/O libraries or built-in instrument drivers.

Simplify Acquisition With Code-Generating Tools

Streamline data acquisition and instrument connectivity using two interactive measurement assistants.

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Advanced Data Analysis

Use Powerful Algorithms and Functions

Condition and transform your signal using smoothing windows, digital filters, and frequency-domain transforms. With these functions, you can perform inline analysis in real time on acquired signals.

Draw Meaningful Results From Your Data

With hundreds of built-in, engineering-specific functions, you do not have to write your own algorithms to turn raw data into meaningful information and conclusive results.

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User Interface Components

Present Data in an Intuitive and Impactful Format

Use GUI controls, such as buttons, knobs, slides, gauges, tanks, dials, and graphs, designed for engineering applications and compatibility with hardware-acquired data types.

Create a Professional GUI

Develop a custom interface for your applications with measurement-specific components you can drag, drop, and extend. Easily generate code callbacks to interact with GUI components programmatically.

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Data Management

Stream Measurement Data to Disk

Add custom information to acquired data by using the fastest and most flexible format for storing measurement data to disk, TDMS.

Share Data Across Platforms

Publish data instantly across the network or perform post-processing and report generation in Excel or DIAdem.

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Multicore and Web

Program Multicore and 64-Bit Systems

Meet the challenges of designing multicore applications with support for 32- or 64-bit application development and simplified ANSI C thread synchronization functions and optimized threading.

Integrate Web Applications and .NET Code

Take advantage of Microsoft .NET technologies to invoke methods and set and get properties from .NET assemblies. Also connect your application to the web through email, FTP, Telnet, and ping.

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Multiplatform Support

Design Reliable, Deterministic Real-Time Systems

Use the LabWindows/CVI Real-Time Module to reuse existing ANSI C code, target commercial off-the-shelf hardware targets and I/O, and use a single toolchain for real-time and Windows development.

Seamlessly Distribute Your Code to a Linux Target

With the LabWindows/CVI Run-Time Module for Linux, create high-performance, stable applications on a Windows system and later compile and run these applications on a Linux target.

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Automated Test

Substantially Reduce Development Time

TestStand test management software delivers features specifically designed to help you develop LabWindows/CVI test systems quickly.

Benefit From Flexible Programming and Debugging

Increase code reusability and maximize your software investment with the flexible module. Call any function within a LabWindows/CVI .dll file regardless of the function prototype.

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The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. The registered trademark Linux® is used pursuant to a sublicense from LMI, the exclusive licensee of Linus Torvalds, owner of the mark on a worldwide basis.

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