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New LabWindows/CVI Automated Test Suite

The LabWindows/CVI Automated Test Suite helps you build automated test applications with confidence. In one package, the suite delivers the productivity of the LabWindows/CVI integrated development environment and libraries combined with the TestStand ready-to-run, customized test executive; Measurement Studio .NET UI controls and libraries; and the Switch Executive intelligent switch management application. Included with each suite purchase is a one-year membership to NI training and certification with unlimited access to all courses and certification exams.

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The 3 Pain Points of the Mil/Aero Test Engineer
Some challenges may seem new to you, but they are actually pain points that test engineers across the mil/aero industry feel. Hear a senior NI product manager discuss how aerospace test engineers can overcome the challenges that have the biggest impact on their organization’s success and, at the same time, drive their own career growth.

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Product Updates and Case Study

Static Code Analysis Prevents Defects and
Accelerates Delivery

Software engineers have a few tools to ensure applications function as expected, but static analysis is the simplest and most effective way to prevent defects and accelerate delivery. In this article, learn static analysis basics, including types and benefits of static analysis and risks associated with failing to implement a defect prevention strategy.

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Creating a Custom HMI for Industry-Specific Applications
Building a meaningful human machine interface (HMI) can be a huge challenge in test application development, especially when there are industry-specific expectations for how data is visualized. Learn how one developer used LabWindows/CVI to create a user interface familiar to his target users, pilots.

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Debugging Memory Leaks in LabWindows/CVI Applications
Memory leaks are particularly problematic in C applications because they are hard to find and debug, which sometimes requires a surprising amount of time. They are especially a problem for long-running applications where they can affect performance or result in a crash.

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High-Speed Serial 101
The transition from parallel buses to high-speed serial buses has increased dramatically over the years, which has led to devices with much smaller footprints, much higher data throughput, and lower power requirements. Learn the basics of high-speed serial to ensure you can implement and test the different layers appropriately.

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