National Instruments and Linux

National Instruments provides engineers and scientists with tools to promote scientific discovery and progress. NI offers hardware and software products for use with a variety of Linux distributions and versions, spanning both desktop and embedded use cases to address the needs of those using Linux across academia and industry. Desktop Linux use cases include support for NI LabVIEW software and hardware drivers for Linux. With respect to embedded use, NI has developed a new real-time OS (RTOS) based on Linux, which offers real-time performance comparable to current dedicated RTOSs, but with the approachability and usability of a desktop OS.

The new NI Linux Real-Time OS runs under the hood of the new generation of NI CompactRIO controllers and is fully supported by the LabVIEW Real-Time Module. Through years of R&D development, the work of the open-source community, and partner contributions, this new RTOS was designed specifically for reliable and deterministic operation in long-term deployments, while offering users security improvements and increased resiliency to application crashes. Users can also access the extensive Linux ecosystem of applications and code to augment and/or accelerate embedded designs when using targets that support this OS.

Explore the NI Linux Real-Time OS

Advanced Tutorial for Using NI Linux Real-Time

Advanced users looking to take advantage of the benefits of Linux alongside their LabVIEW Real-Time application can learn how to get started and arm themselves with the practical how-to on using the Linux-based RTOS.

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NI Support for Desktop Linux

NI supports Linux for use as a generic desktop OS and for use on NI embedded controllers. Desktop Linux use cases include support for LabVIEW, hardware and instrument control drivers for data acquisition with a PC running Linux, and running LabVIEW and a desktop Linux distribution on a PXI or PXI Express controller. Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Scientific Linux, and openSUSE are officially supported desktop Linux distributions.

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