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Get Started With NI LabVIEW Student Software

See resources below to help you install, activate, and get started with LabVIEW for your application.

Install, Activate, and Set Up LabVIEW

Installation Instructions

See step-by-step instructions on how to install LabVIEW student software and toolkits.

Activation Instructions

Find guided instructions on how to activate your LabVIEW student software.

Download Drivers


Hardware driver for most NI data acquisition (DAQ) devices, industry and academic


Extends functionality of NI-DAQmx for use with NI educational DAQ hardware


Hardware driver for most NI reconfigurable I/O (RIO) devices

Start Programming With LabVIEW

Explore LabVIEW 101

Check out self-paced video tutorials to help you start programming in LabVIEW and test your knowledge with interactive exercises and quizzes.

View LabVIEW Textbooks

See a complete list of textbooks that help you learn LabVIEW and additional information on how to purchase.