Simplify Complexity


With the powerful NI LabVIEW system design environment, you can build any measurement or control system in dramatically less time. Unlike general-purpose tools, LabVIEW tightly integrates any hardware with extensive analysis and signal processing libraries, offers custom graphical user interfaces, and allows you to deploy these systems to a platform that uses the newest and most advanced technology.

The Value of a Platform

LabVIEW increases productivity by abstracting low-level complexity and integrating all of the technology you need into a single, unified development environment, unlike any other text-based alternative. Programming in a unified environment means you don’t have to invest time in building expertise in a variety of tools to accomplish your goal. Instead, you can be confident that elements of your system will fit together seamlessly.

LabVIEW is the cornerstone of NI’s system design platform. Investing in a platform approach gives you the ability to effectively scale your application to meet changing requirements. The integrated software and hardware nature of this platform makes it easier to visualize and implement all of the technology, I/O, math, and models needed for a system. Within LabVIEW, you can use different programming approaches with the latest technologies to describe the way your system works, and then compile to the best target to run your system. This way you can iterate quickly on not just the design, but the implementation, of the systems you need.

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