What Can You Do With LabVIEW?

LabVIEW is an integrated development environment designed specifically for engineers and scientists building measurement and control systems. With a native graphical programming language, built-in IP for data analysis and signal processing, and an open architecture that enables integration of any hardware device and any software approach, LabVIEW is the software you need to build the optimal solution that can meet your custom requirements and solve the challenges at hand.

  • Part 1: Starting Your Solution
    Learn the basics and how to get started in the LabVIEW environment.
  • Part 2: Getting Started With Hardware
    Connect with hardware to bring real-world measurements into your application.
  • Part 3: Make Sense of Your Acquired Data
    Add analysis and signal processing to turn raw measurement data into meaningful results.
  • Part 4: Loops
    Add control execution to create automated applications to eliminate manual tasks and increase repeatability.
  • Got Time?
    Simplify timing and synchronization with software that has built-in timing constructs.
  • Global LabVIEW Community
    Access the support you need from the global LabVIEW community.
LabVIEW Is Designed Specifically for Engineers and Scientists

Simplify Complexity

Use an intuitive graphical programming syntax that was designed for the way an engineer maps thoughts to code.

First-Class Hardware Integration

Acquire data from any measurement hardware over any bus.

Custom User Interfaces

Rapidly develop user interfaces for data visualization and user input with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface.

Extensive Analysis and Signal Processing IP

Develop algorithms for data analysis and advanced control.

Additional LabVIEW Benefits

Choose Your Preferred Method for Each Component of Your Solution

Integrate graphical, text-based, and other programming approaches within a single environment to efficiently create custom software solutions.

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Deploy Software to the Right Hardware

Deploy your LabVIEW code to the right hardware, from desktop PCs to industrial computers to rugged embedded devices, without rewriting your code based on the target.

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Powerful Multithreaded Execution

Automatically take advantage of the performance benefits provided by multicore processors with inherently parallel software.

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Record and Share Measurement Data

Save, present, and share your measurement results using any file type or report format.

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