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Dennis Hong

"LabVIEW makes me better because code reuse saves time and effort."

Dennis Hong
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

With limited time and resources, Dennis and his team of students used LabVIEW to quickly design and prototype the world’s first blind driver vehicle by creating a custom embedded software application.

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How to Create Reusable Code

Reduce development time for current and future projects by packaging reusable functions and subroutines. SubVIs in LabVIEW make your code more modular and simplifies program design and maintenance.

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Technical Resources

Dennis’ team of students was able to develop its application quickly because of the ability to easily integrate LabVIEW with the team's hardware and reuse existing code from colleagues and

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The Blind Driver Challenge

Learn more about how Dennis’ Virginia Tech team built a semiautonomous vehicle that allows a blind driver to successfully navigate, control speed, and avoid collision.

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Next Steps

You can use LabVIEW to develop simple to sophisticated measurement, test, and control systems with graphical icons and wires that resemble a flowchart. Through this intuitive development approach, you can get to your results faster and complete higher-quality projects in less time.