NI LabVIEW Touch Panel Module

Use the NI LabVIEW Touch Panel Module to develop custom human machine interface (HMI) applications for Windows CE and Windows XP Embedded touch panel devices. Communicate with and display information from headless devices such as NI CompactRIO, Compact FieldPoint, and Compact Vision System programmable automation controllers (PACs). The LabVIEW Touch Panel Module includes built-in tools for user interface development, data analysis, and network communication.

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Top Reasons to Use the LabVIEW Touch Panel Module

Use Simple Drag-and-Drop Interface Creation

The LabVIEW Touch Panel Module helps you deploy operator interfaces created using the highly productive LabVIEW development environment. Add charts, graphs, sliders, gauges, and more to your HMI in seconds.

Add Analysis Functions and Control Algorithms to Your HMI

With the LabVIEW graphical programming environment, you can add signal processing and control logic to your HMI, so you can quickly add custom logic and communication that would otherwise require low-level development.

Deploy to NI Touch Panel or Third-Party Touch Panel Hardware

All NI hardware includes a deployment license for the NI touch panel module. Low-cost deployment licenses are also available if you deploy your application to third-party touch panel computers.

Explore the LabVIEW Touch Panel Module

Add an HMI to Your Control System

See a step-by-step tutorial for adding an HMI to your existing PAC system.

Browse the Developers Guide

Get an overview of recommended architectures and development practices when programming NI CompactRIO controllers and NI touch panel computers.

Learn About Windows XP Embedded

Reduce development time and increase reliability with Windows XP Embedded (XPe).

Explore the LabVIEW Touch Panel Module

Explore an introduction to the LabVIEW Touch Panel Module, learn how to build an HMI application, and find LabVIEW tools you can use to program HMI hardware targets.

LabVIEW Datalogging and Supervisory Control (DSC) Module

The LabVIEW DSC Module is the ideal LabVIEW add-on for developing your HMI/SCADA or high-channel-count data-logging applications.

NI Touch Panel Computers

Deploy NI LabVIEW human machine interface (HMI) applications using NI touch panel computers (TPCs), which provide Windows XP, Windows XP Embedded, and Windows CE OSs.

NI CompactRIO

CompactRIO is a low-cost reconfigurable control and acquisition system designed for applications that require high performance and reliability.