Achieve Better Business Results With NI LabVIEW

Our customers use LabVIEW software to achieve better business results and gain an edge over their competition. LabVIEW helps improve the way work gets done by reducing the cost of entry, increasing developer productivity, and maintaining an open software platform. Overall, by choosing to use LabVIEW, customers can do more!

Reduced Cost

LabVIEW Helps Save Lives and Money

“With NI LabVIEW and NI CompactRIO, we were able to reduce our development cost by $250,000. In addition, we were able to reduce our development time from four months to four weeks, and avoid the necessity of developing custom control software and drivers.”

KC BioMedix Inc. used LabVIEW to help create a product that empowers doctors to assess premature infants’ feeding abilities. By assessing their feeding abilities earlier on, doctors greatly increase premature infants’ chances of survival.

LabVIEW Helps a Limited Budget Empower the World

“With limited funding and development time, NI products played a vital role in the project success by providing an easy-to-use and cost-effective prototyping platform.”

Dr. Dennis Hong from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University used LabVIEW to create the world’s first semiautonomous vehicle for blind drivers. By using proper feedback mechanisms, blind drivers were able to successfully navigate a secure driving course.

LabVIEW Saves Money With a More Flexible Solution

“Because we will be implementing up to four or five stations, there is an immediate cost savings of at least $45,000–$60,000. With an easy-to-use programming language, such as LabVIEW, and Ethernet and PCI-based test instrumentation, we can achieve significant savings.”

Honeywell International turned to LabVIEW when designing its new test racks. By doing so, the company reduced the amount of overall cost associated with the project by $60,000 USD.

Increased Productivity

LabVIEW Helps Fewer Developers Do More

“Using LabVIEW software, we were able to complete the application in only 18 months with only two programmers, and with a significant number of intuitive graphics for both diagnostics and normal data acquisition.”

Applied Technologies used LabVIEW to respond to the need for a new type of wind-profiler system capable of on-site operational support of an aerostat system. A team of only two programmers was able to design, build, and test this fully functional system.

LabVIEW Empowers All People to Be Software Developers

“Using NI products, we developed the prototype in nine months with only one physicist and one electro-optical engineer.”

FEO Solutions used LabVIEW to develop a high-resolution, deep ultraviolet laser etching system that could produce highly complex and custom silicone intraocular lenses for implementation after cataract removal. This product gives patients a much better fit and therefore chance for vision after eye surgery. Did we mention that they developed this product with no traditional software developers?

LabVIEW Delivers When Safety and Time Are Both Important

“With LabVIEW, we can program our software application and include the functionality we want. As volunteers come and go, new people can take up the testing reigns without needing to rewrite software or dig into specialized code.”

For the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group based out of Boulder, Colorado, rescuer and patient safety are paramount. That’s why they turned to LabVIEW when they wanted to properly test new safety equipment before use.

Open Software Platform

LabVIEW Gives Sight to the James Webb Space Telescope

“Duplicate test fixtures in the controlled environment required the software to simultaneously run two tests. Incorporating many different instruments and maintaining modular code made LabVIEW an obvious choice for our development language…Using LabVIEW, we completed the modular test software quickly, which gave us time to detect and diagnose problems early in development, greatly reducing overall costs.”

Engineers at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center used LabVIEW to test the new microshutters needed to make the James Webb Space Telescope light years ahead of the Hubble telescope in technology. They were able to reduce cost by reusing existing hardware and using the already built instrument drivers in LabVIEW.

LabVIEW Helps Robots Stand Up and Walk

“With NI products, we could rapidly implement control algorithms, reuse existing code, and increase the efficiency in executing time-critical tasks by delegating the tasks between the real-time processor and FPGA hardware.”

When Dr. Aaron D. Ames of Texas A&M University needed a software platform that would empower his research students quickly, he turned to LabVIEW. By using existing software drivers and text-based code, the students were able to quickly create a proportional-feedback, human-inspired bipedal robot.

LabVIEW Meets the Needs for Automotive Data Acquisition

“With the numerous benefits of National Instruments software and hardware products, creating our test and measurement system was effortless. NI products are flexible and user-friendly and integration with third-party products was also straightforward by using LabVIEW drivers that were readily available online.”

When Joey Nino N. Aguila of Global Inventive Technologies Int’l Inc. needed a flexible but open platform for his automotive project, he turned to LabVIEW. Having the ability to reuse existing text-based code, freely available instrument drivers, and his existing hardware, Joey was able to deploy an integrated test system that measured temperature at distributed sensor boxes through CAN.