LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite


The LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite offers a design environment closely integrated with NI software defined radio (SDR) hardware for rapidly prototyping communications systems. Easily deploy to processors and FPGAs; quickly develop LTE, 802.11, and massive multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) applications; and drive innovation.

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What Is LabVIEW Communications? | Overview of LabVIEW Communications and Updates

How LabVIEW Communications Works

Discover the benefits of LabVIEW Communications and how it helps wireless researchers develop next-generation wireless communications systems.

Wireless Communications Applications

Jump-start with ready-to-run and easily modifiable LTE, 802.11, and massive MIMO application frameworks.

Hardware Options

Explore NI’s flexible SDR hardware.

SDR Research Handbook

Learn how the NI SDR platform is accelerating wireless research by downloading the Next-Generation Wireless Systems handbook, which includes research examples from around the world and across a wide range of advanced wireless research topics.

Additional Resources

Join the SDR User Community

The active online community for LabVIEW Communications provides the type of collaboration you want. Browse for designs similar to your own, upload useful algorithms and examples you have developed, and engage in conversations with others trying to solve similar problems.

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Wireless communications is changing the speed at which algorithm engineers and wireless researchers innovate. NI’s SDR platform is helping pioneer technologies for rapidly prototyping communication systems.

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Getting Started

Go from algorithm concept to design more efficiently. Learn how you can use the resources already available.

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