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LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite


The LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite offers a design environment closely integrated with NI software designed radio (SDR) hardware for rapidly prototyping communications systems. Easily deploy to processors and FPGAs, jump-start research LTE and 802.11 applications, and drive innovation.

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Product Options and Features

LabVIEW Communications for USRP

LabVIEW Communications and USRP is the ideal software plus SDR platform for prototyping communications systems with a single integrated design environment. Use one tool for an affordable solution to design and prototype.

LabVIEW Communications for USRP RIO

Leverage the FPGA technology on the USRP RIO to create even the most complex systems with a single development environment. Paired with USRP RIO, the Communications Suite and available LTE and 802.11 application frameworks can jump-start your research.

Getting Started

Go from algorithm concept to design faster, more efficiently, and with more innovation.

Application Frameworks— 802.11/LTE

Save time and focus on innovation with the LTE and 802.11 application frameworks. They’re ready to run and easily modifiable.

Additional Resources

Single Design Environment for Communications System Design

LabVIEW Communications simplifies the design process that is complicated by today’s disparate hardware and software tools. Its single design environment unifies the design process for both multicore processors and FPGAs. Define and manage the entire prototyping process with a single design tool, and rapidly deploy new algorithms to hardware.

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Use the Right Language for the Right SDR Task

Integrate with SDR hardware while supporting C, .m, and graphical dataflow languages, which can be mixed and matched as needed to complete the design.

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Learn With In-Product Guided Help

Reduce the learning curve and prototype faster with a learning environment integrated directly into your design flow.

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