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Maximum Allowed Voltage in the roboRIO's DIO
The roboRIO's Specification Sheet does not give a maximum input voltage for its digital inputs. Can the roboRIO's DIO handle a 12VDC input?

Unknown Bad Quality or No Known Value for Modbus I/O Server Bound Variables
I am setting up a Modbus I/O Server with the LabVIEW DSC Module to communicate with my Modbus Slave device. I have configured the server and created bound variables for the Modbus coils and registers I ...

LabVIEW Error "-200561" Occurred at DAQmx Analog
I am trying to generate an analog output signal with a DAQmx Analog, but I get the followingerror: Error - 200561 occurred at Current-Continuous Possible Reason(s): Attempted writing ...

Which is the Windows 10-64 bit license agreement type of my PXIe-8880?
I would like to know which type of license agreement does the Windows 10-64 bit of the PXIe-8880 comes with. Is it an enterprise agreement or an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)?

Delay Between Analog Input and Publish Data to Network With IEC 61850
I am running an application that uses the IEC 61850 driver to program an application in my CompactRIO. Due to protocol requirements, I need that the delay between the moment in which an analog input is ...

Multisim Is Not Installing Co-Simulation Plug-In in LabVIEW
I am using Multisim and I want to co-simulate a Multisim Design with LabVIEW Control Design & Simulation module. However, I can't find the Multisim Design VI in LabVIEW. Why?

How can I Add an Image to a LabVIEW Executable?
I have created a LabVIEW project that involves loading an image on the front panel. LabVIEW locates the image on my computer using a filepath I have built in the code, but I want to deploy my VI as an ...

How to Debug a Shortcut Menu Edit-time Plug-in in LabVIEW?
↵ I need to debug ashortcut menu edit-time plug-in I created using the "Create Shortcut Menu Plugin from " I want to see how my edit-time plug-in changes my "Affected Items" live How can I ...

Should The Absolute Accuracy Of A Measurement See A Constant or Dynamic Offset?
I found the equation for Absolute Accuracy of measurements on NI's website, but how will I observe this in my data?

cDAQ Module Is Not Inputting Any Current or Voltage
I can see my cDAQ module in MAX, but when I try to input any signal to it, I'm not getting any results.