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Can I Run VBAI Scripts on a Linux Distribution Different to Linux RT?
I have an application that runs on LabVIEW for Linux, and I want to run NI Vision Builder for Automated Inspection (VBAI) scripts on it. Is my VBAI script compatible with Linux distributions that are not ...

Clearing the UPDRead Buffer in LabWindows/CVI
Looking at the UDPReadHelp document, I see there is an inputBufferparameter. How can I clear that Buffer?

NI Embedded Controllers Following SP 800-147
Are any NI PXI Embedded Controller adhered to SP 800-147?

How Can I Restrict Access to Web Applications Hosted on the NI Web Server?
I have built a web application using the LabVIEW NXG Web Module or another IDE. I want to host this application on the NI Web Server or SystemLink Server. How can I restrict access to the web application ...

Accessing the Time Since my NI VeriStand Project was Deployed
I would like like to display the time since I deployed my project on my user interface to know how long my simulation has been running. Is there any way to get this information from the VeriStand Engine? ...

What Is Accuracy of Output Voltage Measurement of RMX-4121?
What is the accuracy of voltage measurements ofRMX-4121? In specifications, I can only see setting accuracy of output signal but no measurement accuracy.

What Is Maximum Number of Cameras for NI Vision Development Module?
I would like to control around 50-60 USB cameras using NIVision Development Module. Are there any limitations in NI software of maximum number of used cameras at the same moment?

How Can I Maintain the Accuracy of My CompactRIO System When GPS Lock Is Lost?
I am using the NI 9467 GPS module to synchronize the FPGA Timekeeper on my CompactRIO system. From the NI 9467 manual, I know that the accuracy of this module is ±100 ns (>99% typical), but what is my ...

Using NI REM-11100 Without Real Time System
I haveNI REM-11100 and I would like to use it without any Real Time system (for example using PC). Is it possible?

Calibration Procedure for NI cDAQ Chassis
What Is the procedure to calibrate a cDAQ chassis?