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How Do I Modify the Synchrophasor Example for the NI Advanced PMU Development System to Remove Support for the DIO Module?
The Synchrophasor Measurement Project located at Toolkits and Modules » Electrical Power » Synchrophasor Measurements in the NI Example Finder contains a NI-9402 DIO module. This module is only included ...
Localized Windows Operating System Corrupts TDMS Data In LabVIEW Real-Time
I am working on a localized Windows system (using a non-Latin character language) and I create a TDMS file containing letters from a non-Latin alphabet on a Real-Time machine. When I attempt to open and ...
How Can I Troubleshoot Networking Issues between the NI Advanced PMU Development System and PMU Connection Tester?
There are networking issues between the NI Advanced PMU Development System and PMU Connection Tester. What steps can I take to troubleshoot this?
Using the Truth Table to Create a Digital Model in Multisim
I want to simulate a digital part that is not available in the Multisim database. Is there a way for me to create the model using the truth table from the datasheet?
Why Does My NI 796x or NI 795x Code Not Work after Upgrading to NI FlexRIO 13.1?
After upgrading to NI FlexRIO 13.1, my NI PXIe-796x or PXI-795x code does not function. Why is does this happen and how can I resolve it?
Why Can't I Use the I/O Mod Clock on PXIe-797X FPGA Targets?
I cannot select I/O Mod Clock as a Base Clock for my FlexRIO Adapter Module when using a PXIe-797x. Why is this and how do I resolve it?
Why Doesn't the IMAQ Image Display Control Update Correctly on My Deployed Embedded User Interface?
I want to use an IMAQ Image Display control to display images on the deployed embedded user interface of my Linux RT (x64) CompactRIO or Single-Board RIO target. However, when I place an IMAQ Image Display ...
No Support for UTF-8 Formatted SSID and Pre-shared Keys on VirtualBench and myRIO
I am connecting my VirtualBench or myRIO device to my wireless network and the SSID letters I originally entered changed. Why does this happen?
How Do I Write Position, Velociy, and Torque Setpoints Directly to an AKD EtherCAT Drive Using NI Softmotion?
Starting in SoftMotion 2013 SP1 there are new property and invoke nodes for an AKD EtherCAT axis. These features allow the user to read and write setpoints directly to the control loops on the AKD. How ...
NI 9802 Support in cRIO Chassis using Xilinx Kintex-7 or Artix-7 FPGA
I am trying to get the NI 9802 to populate in my LabVIEW project while using an NI 903x or NI 906x controller but I see the images below. Also, I get compilation error when trying to recompile a preexisting ...

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