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Unable to Import an IVI Driver Configuration File on NI MAX
When I import an IVI driver configuration file and save it, it will not preserve the configuration the next time I launch NI MAX. I am selecting Open IVI Configuration button on the IVI drivers section ...

Error 4 End of File When Writing and Reading Binary Files in LabVIEW
I am trying to write and read binary files in LabVIEW and I am getting the following error: Error 4 occurred at Read from Binary File Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: End of file encountered.

What Does Error Code 0E74 Mean While Using MPuLib?
I'm programming my instrument using the Micropross API named MPuLib. I sent a command to the instrument which did not execute properly and received error code 0E74 in response. I can't find this error ...

Can't Find FPGA Project Templates on LabVIEW
I am trying to access the FPGA template for a new project, but I can't find it in LabVIEW. What do I do?

Can I Simultaneously Access Multiple Labview Executables Using Remote Panels?
I am having multiple LabVIEW executables on my machine. Is it possible for me to access these executables simultaneously using Remote Panels through a web browser in different computer?

Camera Showing as Unsupported in NI MAX with VAS 2019
I have a camera that I was previously using. I have updated to Vision Acquisition Software 19.0 and now my camera is not recognised. My device may be unrecognised in device manager. What's happening?

LabVIEW NXG Shortcut to Find Broken VIs
In LabVIEW 2018 I used Ctrl-Lto show the error list, but now I have moved to LabVIEW NXG 3.1. Is there a shortcut which will identify errors and broken VIs in a large project?

What Do I Need to Deploy My LabVIEW Applications with Toolkits and Modules?
What do I need to deploy my LabVIEW applications with Toolkits and Modules? Which one does need a separate Runtime Engine and Deployment License? I need a list of all the toolkits and modules available ...

NI Farm Error -123002 and -123011 When Compiling LabVIEW FPGA Code
I have installed theLabVIEW FPGA Module and am receiving one of the following error messages upon compilation of my FPGA VI: Error -123002 -NI-Farm: No worker has registered the given capability name. ...

Can I Change the Name of My NI-DAQmx Device Even When It's Not Connected?
I disconnected a NI-DAQmx device from my computer, and it now remains in the NI MAX "Devices and Interfaces" section with a red "X" mark. I plan to use this device again. If I change the device name on ...