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Why doesn’t my ARM-based Linux Real-Time Target act as a 1588 Master?
When using NI-TimeSync, My ARM-based NI Linux Real-Time (Linux RT) controller always acts as a 1588 slave, even if there are no 1588 masters present on the network. Why can’t I use my controller as a 1588 ...
Where Can I Find the Driver for the TSM-1012, TSM-1015, or TSM-1017?
I need to re-install the software on my Windows machine for my TSM-1012, TSM-1015, or TSM-1017.  I do not have the original DVD that came with the Touch Screen Monitor.  Where can I find the driver for ...
Why do I Receive an Error: Code 415 when trying to Connect the NI Test Integration Adapter to IBM Rational Quality Manager?
 When I try to connect NI Test Integration Adapter to IBMs Rational Quality Manager 5.0.2 I receive Error: Code 415. Why do I receive this error?
Why Does UDP Multicast Fail When My Linux RT cRIO Is Using a Static IP?
I am trying to create a system that uses UDP Multicast to broadcast messages to my cRIO-9068. I notice that when I use DHCP to determine the device's IP address, the multicast succeeds and the cRIO can ...
Why Does Installing Software to an NI myRIO Using a USB 1.1 Port Crash My Computer?
After installing software to a myRIO, my development computer crashes and displays a blue screen. I am connected to my target via a USB 1.1 port. Is there anything else I can try?
LV_DSC Error Code -32 in Volume License Installer
When running my Developer Suite Volume License Installer on Windows XP, I receive error code -32 stating that 'LV_DSC' does not exist.  I did not include LabVIEW DSC in my installer.  Why am I seeing this ...
Why Am I Receiving an Error Referencing nismswebservice_iis when Trying to Launch the InsightCM™ System Manager?
After installing InsightCM™, I tried to navigate to http://localhost:81, but I see an error instead of the System Manager page. The main error text is: Could not load file or assembly 'nismswebservice_iis' ...
Installing Sound and Vibration Assistant for Sound and Vibration Software Versions 2014 and Later
I ran either the Sound and Vibration Software Installer, or Developer Suite installer for versions 2014 and later, but Sound and Vibration Assistant was not installed.  How can I install Sound and Vibration ...
NI InsightCM™ Enterprise 1.0.0 Patch Details
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document NI InsightCM™ Enterprise 1.0.0 Patch Details Primary Software: InsightCM Software>>InsightCM Enterprise>>NI InsightCM Server Primary Software Version: ...
Why Is My Slow Sampled C Series Module Able to Operate at a Higher Sampling Rate Than the Specified Maximum Rate?
I have a slow sampled cDAQ device in a multi-slot chassis. Why am I not receiving an error when this device acquires data at a rate faster than its maximum sampling frequency specification?

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