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Error -1074395992 When Saving an Image Programmatically
I have a LabVIEW project where I snap an image, display it and then save it. However, whenever my LabVIEW program is at the "save image" step, it returns the error -1074395992. How can I fix it?

Building an Application That Uses Maps Crashes LabVIEW 2019
I have a LabVIEW application that I am building and I have noticed recently that it crashes LabVIEW in the "Compiling" stage. Further investigation led to a VI that has manipulates the new Maps data type. ...

Preloading Teststand Modules Takes a Long Time
I have a Teststand sequence that loads the same module multiple times. When starting the sequence the modules are preloaded as expected, but this takes a very long time. Is there a way to speed up the ...

NI Camera File Generator : Fatal Error Occurred at
I am creating Camera File with NI Camera File Generator. I got fatal error as shown below when I try to copy an attribute. How can I copy the attribute without the error? Fatal error occurred at: The ...

File Writing DLL Crashes LabVIEW
I call a DLL in my VI. When the DLL tries to write a file, LabVIEW closes completely without any message.

Where Can I Find a LabVIEW Example of Synchronization Multiple NI-5785 Devices?
I'm looking for a LabVIEW example that shows how to synchronize multiple FlexRIO PXIe-5785.

Self-cal Required After External Calibration with PXIe-5820
I just received my PXIe-5820 back from external calibration and was required to self-cal the device. Why is that?

Permission for Accessing Network Folders From SystemLink™ TDM Server
I wanted to declare some network folders as Search Areas in my DataFinder instance on the SystemLink™TDM Server. However, when I tried to do that, some of the folders are not accessible. How can I give ...

How Can I Reduce My PXI(e) DMM Delay?
When acquiring a measurement from my DMM card, I am noticing a delay in response. How can I troubleshoot this? What factors are contributing to my DMM delay? Why is there a delay between my DMM receiving ...

Error -214746725 with Database Connectivity Toolkit
I developed a VI that connects to a database to read and write data as needed. The VI works well on the development computer, however, when I move the VI to a different PC I get error-214746725 on the ...