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Why Do I Receive an Error When Deploying My NI-TimeSync Application to Linux RT?
I am trying to deploy an application that uses the NI-TimeSync API to a Linux RT target, but I receive an error similar to the loaded with errors on the target and was closed. LabVIEW: ...
Why Might I See Inverted Logic When Time Stamping a Pulse Using a Timing Module?
I'm time stamping both the rising and falling edges on an input pulse using the PCI-1588, PXI-6683(H), or PXI-6682(H). However, the logic seems to be inverted. Why might that happen?
Unexpected Behavior when system memory is full on cRIO Controller
I'm seeing strange behavior with my cRIO when I've just installed software. Why is my cRIO behaving strangely?
Continuously Opening and Closing FPGA References to a Remote VxWorks Target
When I open references to my cRIO-9076 I eventually see error -63040. If I restart the system it behaves correctly. Why do I see this error?
How Can I Upgrade the Firmware on My NI 9862 XNET Device in a CompactRIO?
I have an NI 9862 XNET device in my CompactRIO chassis which is reporting that it needs a firmware update. However, the device does not show up properly in NI MAX and therefore I can't access the option ...
NI Electric Motor Simulation Toolkit 2014 f1 Patch Details
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document NI Electric Motor Simulation Toolkit 2014 f1 Patch Details Primary Software: LabVIEW Toolkits>>NI Electric Motor Simulation Toolkit Primary Software ...
How Can I Use Limit and Home Switches With My NI Ethernet Stepper Device?
I am using an NI Ethernet Stepper device with streaming commands over Ethernet. My motion system has limit and home switches, but I do not see these inputs on the device. Can I use limit and home switches ...
Why Do Remote Front Panels, NI Network Browser and the Web Interface (WIF) No Longer Work After Upgrading To Google Chrome Version 42?
When I try to access my remote front panels from Google Chrome, I see the following message: When I try to access the NI Network Browser or the Web Interface (WIF) from Google Chrome, I see the following ...
Updated Accuracy Specifications for the OCXO on the PXIe-6674T and PXI-6653
I am using a PXIe-6674T or PXI-6653, and I noticed that the accuracy specifications for the OCXO listed in the manual have changed. Why is this?
How do I connect the NI PXIe-5624R DIO Connector with the SCB-19?
The NI SCB-19 Pinouts matches with the other FlexRIO pinouts but not with the NI PXIe-5624R pinouts.  How do I connect the NI PXIe-5624R DIO Connector with the NI SCB-19? 

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