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What Version of DIAdem am I Using?
How can I check what version of DIAdem am I using directly in DIAdem?

Trigger Single Sweep with National Instruments FGEN Module
I'm looking to trigger a single sweep of a signal rather than have it constantly sending. How can I set this up with the NI-FGEN driver?

Conversion from Hex to Float in LabVIEW
How do I convert hex to float in LabVIEW?

How to Acquire The Frequency of a Square Wave Signal With Counter Input of USB 6210?
How to Acquire The Frequency of a Square Wave Signal With Counter Input of USB 6210?

While I'm Trying To Launch A Sequence From Remote I Have To Reload Code Module
I am trying to launch a sequence which initially was located on a remote computer and when is copied from the remote computer to local computer I always need to reload the code module while TestStand cannot ...

Sample Clock Synchronization for Multiple Modules in FlexLogger
Can I have sample clock synchronization for multiple modules in FlexLogger, and how does it work?

How to Wire a Self-Powered Current Transducer to NI 9207
I have a self-powered (active) flow meter which outputs a current proportional to the measured flow.Thegetting started guide for the NI-9207provides information on how to wire a passive (or "loop-powered") ...

What Happens If the Wire to the NI 9265 Module Is Disconnected?
What will happen to the output of the NI 9265 module if I disconnect the signal wire, while it is powered on?

My FPGA Device is Shown as Unsupported in LabVIEW 2018 64-bit
I have installed LabVIEW 2018 (64-bit) and the the FPGA Module (64-bit) but my device is still shown as unsupported

Data loss after Unexpected Shut Down in Windows Embedded Standard OS
I'm logging data using cDAQ-9136 with Windows Embedded Standard OS(WES7). When I unplug power cable while code is running, file remains but the contents are deleted.