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Why Are My Breakpoints Ignored in LabWindows™/CVI?
I set breakpoints and run my LabWindows™/CVI program but the program does not stop at the breakpoints. What could be the reason?

Error -2147467259 Installing Packages SystemLink™
I'm trying to install packages using SystemLink™ on target under Managed Systems, I'm obtaining error -2147467259. How can I fix it?

Can A Button Open A Hyperlink In LabVIEW NXG?
I need to open a Hyperlink using LabVIEW NXG WebVI, is it possible to use a button to open a Hyperlink?

Why Are Some of My Controls Not Available in the RT Communication Wizard?
When I run the RT Communication Wizard, I get a list of controls and a list of indicators. However, not all of my controls and indicators are listed. Why?

Cannot Open, Create or Edit DAQmx Tasks in NI MAX
I imported an NI MAX configuration file into NI MAX, and the DAQmx tasks show up listed within the folder named NI-DAQmx Task , but they don't seem to work. I cannot open or edit DAQmx tasks in NI MAX. ...

How can I sign a LabVIEW executable if I have a PFX file
How can I sign an executable I am building if I have a Personal Information Exchange file (.PFX), LabVIEW and LabVIEW Application Builder?

How to Downgrade NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI MAX)?
I upgraded DAQmx by mistake in my computer, and, therefore, NI MAX was also updated. I want to keep DAQmx asthe previous version, so I uninstalled the more recent DAQmx version. Nevertheless, the NI MAX ...

NI-VISA Passports are Missing in NI MAX
I'm attempting to activate/deactivate a VISA Passport in NI MAX, but it doesn't show up anymore The NIVisaTulip.dll passport is missing in my List of Passports in NI MAX

Error -1967362042 (0x8ABC7006) When Deploying a LabVIEW Library
I attempted to deploy an OPC I/O Server library from my LabVIEW project, and received an error message similar to the one below: Why am I receiving this error, and what can I do to fix it?

What Is the Adjustment Procedure for NI 9217?
The NI 9217 Calibration Procedure says that this module must be sent to National Instruments for a factory calibration if it falls out the desired specifications. However, there are similar modules like ...