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How Do I Write Position, Velociy, and Torque Setpoints Directly to an AKD EtherCAT Drive Using NI Softmotion?
Starting in SoftMotion 2013 SP1 there are new property and invoke nodes for an AKD EtherCAT axis. These features allow the user to read and write setpoints directly to the control loops on the AKD. How ...
Why Is My Monitor Display Blank When Connected to a UI-Enabled cDAQ or cRIO?
I purchased a third-party Mini DisplayPort-to-DVI or to -HDMI adapter that I used to connect a monitor to my cRIO or cDAQ. My device appears to boot properly but I do not see any output on my monitor -- ...
How Can I Switch between the Hardware and Demo Modes of VirtualBench?
I opened VirtualBench and connected to my VirtualBench device, but I'd like to use the software in Demo Mode. Or, alternatively, I selected to use the VirtualBench software in Demo Mode, but I'd like to ...
Why Are My Measurements Different for the NI 9235/9236 Modules on My NI 9144 EtherCAT Expansion Chassis?
I am making measurements with my NI 9144 EtherCAT Expansion chassis with the NI 9235 or the NI 9236. I have noticed that the measurements from my EtherCAT chassis vary slightly from my measurements using ...
Why Can I Not Read from My USB Key or SD Card on My NI Linux Real-Time Controller?
On my NI Linux Real-Time controller, I get an error when trying to read from my mounted USB key or SD Card. When I re-insert the card or key the console gives the error: FAT-fs(sdb1): Volume was not properly ...
Why Are Some Japanese NI-SWITCH 14.0 Help Images Corrupted?
I notice that some images in the Japanese NI-SWITCH 14.0 help are corrupted, as seen below. How can I fix this? Figure 1: Corrupted File Image 1 Figure 2: Corrupted File Image 2
Why Are the NI-5660 VIs Broken After Upgrading the NI Modulation Toolkit and NI Spectral Measurements Toolkit?
After upgrading the NI Modulation Toolkit to version 4.4 and the NI Spectral Measurements Toolkit to version 2.7, the NI-5660 VIs are broken. Why are the NI-5660 VIs broken and how can I fix this?
How Do I Access a RIO Device With the Same Name as Another RIO Aias?
I have a remote device with a RIO card whose Alias I have set to be "RIOx".  Now I cannot access a local RIO device that has the same name, "RIOx".  Is there a fix or workaround that will allow me to ...
What Are the Common RF Unit Conversion Equations?
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document What Are the Common RF Unit Conversion Equations? Primary Software: Driver Software>>NI-RFSA Primary Software Version: 14.0 Primary Software Fixed Version: ...
Traditional (Legacy) NI-DAQ and LabVIEW Version Compatibility
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document Traditional (Legacy) NI-DAQ and LabVIEW Version Compatibility Primary Software: Driver Software>>NI-DAQ Primary Software Version: 7.4.4 Primary Software ...

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