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Using Second Ethernet Port on NI-sbRIO-9651
I want to use the second Ethernet port on the NI sbRIO-9651 for TCP/HTTP use only because I will connect TCP and HTTP test equipment devices to it. Where can I specify in the LabVIEW project or on the ...

Resource Reserved Error When Using RTSI cable with X Series DAQ Cards
I am seeing a resource reserved error (Error -89137 Specified route cannot be satisfied, because it requires resources that are currently in use by another route.) when I add in a RTSI cable between the ...

Can I Generate 5V TTL Signals From my COM Ports?
I have no hardware, but I want to send out a 5V TTL signal from my computer's COM ports. How can I do so?

Improving Performance of LabWindows™/CVI™ Applications
My LabWindows/CVI application is running slowly, or it does not react fast enough to certain conditions such as user interaction or hardware events. How can I speed up my application?

Troubleshooting Hardware Installation Problems
What are the top troubleshooting solutions for common hardware installation problems? (eg. DAQ, GPIB, MXI, IMAQ, Motion...)

Connecting Strain Gages and Shunt Resistors to the NI-9237
What external connections do I need to make in order to take readings from my strain gage or load cell? How do I perform shunt calibration with NI-9237?

Getting Started with the SISU-1004 C Series Module
I am using a SISU-1004 module in my CompactRIO-9031 to control a stepper motor. How do I get started?

NIPM Package Dependencies Install on Development Machine, Not Others
I built a package containing dependencies (related packages) in LabVIEW's Package Builder and added that package to a user-created feed. The package created can be installed on the development system- ...

Why Does Generate Max Report VI Not Generate A Full Max Technical Report?
I am using the Generate Max to programmatically generate Max Technical Reports but they are different than the Technical Reports I generate from NI Max myself. Why is this and how do I generate ...

Troubleshooting LabVIEW Crashes
When I experience a LabVIEW Crash, what are some good troubleshooting steps I can use to diagnose the issue?