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Accessing Modular Instruments Driver Attributes through an NI Native .NET API
I am using a modular instruments driver in .NET. I am using the NI native .NET API for the driver, but it seems that the .NET API does not have certain attributes that are provided in the C API for the ...
Why Is My NI-USRP RIO Not Recognized in My System?
My NI-USRP RIO is not being recognized by my computer.  What steps can I take to ensure that my computer recognizes the device?
What Causes Error -70229 When Using NI SoftMotion
I am using NI SoftMotion on a LabVIEW Real Time target. When I use the Interactive Test Panel from the LabVIEW Project or command a move in a VI, I receive Error -70229: A function call made to the motion ...
Course Errata for Using NI InsightCM Enterprise for Condition Monitoring Participant Guide, Part Number 326422A-01
This KnowledgeBase contains the errata for the Participant Guide, slides, exercises, and solutions for the course.
Sharing a Common Power Supply for CompactRIO and MXI-Express RIO Chassis
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document Sharing a Common Power Supply for CompactRIO and MXI-Express RIO Chassis Hardware: CompactRIO, VXI/VME/MXI Problem: The manual for the 9157/9159 states: ...
What Do the Min and Max Columns Mean When Exporting Data from the VirtualBench Application?
When I export data to Microsoft Excel from the VirtualBench application, the data columns are labeled "1Min", "1Max", etc. Where are these labels coming from?
Installing the myRIO 2015 Module May Break NI-XNET Support
I am using RIO 2013 SP1 with my NI-9068 target for an XNET application. Why does my XNET application break after I install the myRIO 2015 module?
How Many Variables Can I Have Using the RIO Scan Interface?
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document How Many Variables Can I Have Using the RIO Scan Interface? Primary Software: Driver Software>>NI-RIO Primary Software Version: 12.0 Primary Software ...
How Do I Read COMTRADE Files Which Use LF as the Data Set Separator in the CFG File?
I try to read COMTRADE files which use <LF> as the data set separator in the CFG file, but it fails with the following error: How do I read this type of data set separator?
IEC 60870-5 Deployment Fails
When I try to deploy IEC 60870-5 VIs to my NI Linux Real-Time target it fails with the following error message: Why does the deployment fail and how to fix it?

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