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How Do I Read the Onboard Temperature Sensors on My sbRIO-9651 System on Module?
I need to validate my thermal solution that includes an sbRIO-9651 System on Module and wish to use the onboard temperature sensors rather than outfitting my solution with thermocouples. How do I read ...
Why Are the Month and Day Swapped in My Access Database When Using the Microsoft ACE-OLEDB Database Provider With TestStand?
I am using the Microsoft ACE OLE-DB database provider with the TestStand Generic Insert schema to log test results to a Microsoft Access database. However, the month and day in the DATE column are swapped. ...
Why Am I Unable to Step Into TestStand Code Modules with Visual Studio 2013?
I am attempting to use Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 to debug my .NET code modules in TestStand. I noticed that Visual Studio does open the code module and sets a breakpoint in the code, but will not allow ...
Why Is the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Debugger Crashing When I Use it to Launch 64-bit TestStand?
I am using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 debugger to launch a new instance of the TestStand process for debugging, but when I try to launch a 64-bit version of TestStand, both TestStand and the debugger ...
Why Is NI Calibration Executive 3.6 with NI 5421/5422/5441/5442 Failing the Verify Direct Analog Path Gain Test?
When using NI Calibration Executive 3.6 and running the NI 5421/5422/5441/5442 procedures, why am I failing the Verify Direct Analog Path Gain tests before and/or after adjustment?
Why Do I Receive an 'Invalid License Data' Error Message from Visual Studio When I Launch TestStand?
When I launch the TestStand Sequence Editor or run the TestStand Version Selector, I see an Invalid License Data error message from the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Shell.  Why am I seeing ...
LabVIEW and NI-OSI Compatibility
I just installed the NI-OSI 2.1 but do not see the Optical Measurement palette in LabVIEW 2014.  How can I access the NI-OSI functions?
MultiSIM BLUE Downloader Fails to Download the Installer
I have signed up to download the new MultiSIM BLUE application offered by National Instruments and Mouser Electronics. After I click the download link, I get a MultiSIM_BLUE_13_0_downloader.exe file that ...
Why Can I Not Download a New Configuration to My C Series PROFIBUS Module?
I am using the Comsoft C Series Master/Slave Module. I had recently been using the module as a slave, but now I wish to use it as a master. However, when I attempt to download a configuration to the module, ...
How Do I Find Calibration Information for My VirtualBench?
This Document is not yet Rated   Rate this Document How Do I Find Calibration Information for My VirtualBench? Hardware: Multifunction DAQ (MIO)>>VirtualBench>>VirtualBench Devices>>NI VB-8012 Problem: ...

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