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Generating a Periodic Digital Signal with NI PXI(e)
I need to generate a 1 PPS signal from my PXI(e) system to simulate a GPS signal. What kind of hardware and software would be ideal?

How Can I Connect Speakers to My PXIe Controller?
I would like to have a set of speakers to my PXIe controller, but I do not see a 3.5mm jack input. How can I connect speakers to my PXIe controller?

Can I Convert LabVIEW Express VIs to LabVIEW NXG?
I created an application in current generation LabVIEW. This application contains a few Express VIs. Can I convert this application? What will happen to the Express VI?

Error -1074395975 Occurs When Playing Specific AVI Files In LabVIEW
When I try to play specific AVI file in LabVIEW with IMAQ AVI Read Frame, the error -1074395975 occurs and I cannot play the file. How can I avoid this ?

Reinstall ESI File for SoftMotion Drive Interface Plugin
I want to use SoftMotion to control my motor drive. I have installed the SoftMotion Drive Interface (SDI) plugin for my drive. However, I believe I have altered the ESI file for the plugin and the plugin ...

Loading User Files into Custom Teststand UI at Startup
I have a custom TestStand UI and have multiple User.ini files which I would like to select and have TestStand load at startup. How can I automate the selection?

NI Package Manager Installation Stops at "Initializing Transaction"
I'm trying to install LabVIEW 2019 on my computer. I downloaded the small installer online. It starts to the process but when it gets to "Initializing transaction" section it suddendly stops and doesn't ...

Can't use CLIP or IP Integration Nodes in LabVIEW FPGA
I am trying to configure CLIP and IP integration nodes for my LabVIEW FPGA target. When I try to go through the Configuration Clip Wizard on my development machine I get the error: You cannot create CLIP ...

Multisim Breadboard Tool Is Not Showing Simulation
I am using Multisim 14.2 ,and when I simulate my circuit, I am not seeing the simulation status when I run it. For example I cannot see the LED light up or the DIP switch change states.

How to Restart the XNET Session Automatically in VeriStand
In VeriStand, the deployed project stopped running when the connected CAN circuit is down. Are there any ways to restart the XNET session automatically when the communication stops?