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What is the Bandwidth of the NI PCI-6733?
I need to determine the bandwidth of my PCI-6733 card, but can't find this information in any of the related documentation. Where can I find the bandwidth specification?
Letter of Volatility for the NI 9144 EtherCAT Slave Chassis
I need official documentation stating the memory characteristics of the NI 9144 EtherCAT Slave Chassis including type, size, whether the memory is user accessible, and its method of clearing. This includes ...
Why Do I Get an Error When Passing Control from the Debug Soft Front Panel Back to My Program?
I've been using a Debug Soft Front Panel to share control of my Modular Instrument with a LabVIEW program. When I return control to my program, I occasionally will receive errors that do not occur if I ...
Why Can I Not Use My cRIO-9067 in the NI PROFIBUS Configurator Software?
I am using the cRIO-9067 and the cRIO PROFIBUS module.  I would like use the PROFIBUS C series module in Master mode.  However, when I attempt to locate the module to download my master profile I do not ...
How Can I Maintain the Accuracy of My CompactRIO System When GPS Lock Is Lost?
I am using the NI 9467 GPS module to synchronize the FPGA Timekeeper on my CompactRIO system. From the NI 9467 manual, I know that the accuracy of this module is ±100 ns (>99% typical), but what is my ...
How Do I Import NCE Files from DAQmx 14.1 or Later Into Earlier Versions of DAQmx?
I am using DAQmx 14.1 or later and I want to export my configuration file. I then want to import that NCE file to a system that is using an earlier version of DAQmx but I either get an error or none of ...
TestStand Wait Step Takes 1200 Seconds to Complete When Run in VirtualBox
In TestStand, I have configured a Wait step to run for a specified time interval.  When I execute my sequence on an Oracle VM VirtualBox virtual machine, the Wait step occasionally takes 1200 seconds to ...
I Can't See My VST On My Real-Time Controller in MAX
I have a PXI(e) system that has Phar Lap installed on the controller. I can see the controller under Remote Systems in MAX, but I don't see my VST (PXIe-5644R, 5645R, or 5646R) on it. What do I need to ...
Why Do I Receive an Error When Deploying My NI-TimeSync Application to Linux RT?
I am trying to deploy an application that uses the NI-TimeSync API to a Linux RT target, but I receive an error similar to the loaded with errors on the target and was closed. LabVIEW: ...
How Do I Use USER1 Button on cRIO/cDAQ?
I would like to use USER1 button, that is available on some cRIOs/cDAQs. How could I read its value in my application?

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