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NI-KAL Returns Fatal Error During Install of NI-488.2 15.1.1 on CentOS 7
I am trying to install and work with version 15.1.1 of NI-488.2 on a system running CentOS 7. The installation failed, and returned a warning notifying me to check the file <span style="font-family: courier ...

Hardware Not Detected or Not Functional in Windows Due to Fast Startup
I recently updated, upgraded or migrated to Windows 8, 8.1 or 10. My devices are not detected, not recognized, missing or I can&#39;t see them in MAX or Device Manager. My system is having issues using ...

Blank Monitor Display When Connected to a cDAQ Controller or cRIO
I purchased a third-party Mini DisplayPort-to-DVI or to -HDMI adapter that I used to connect a monitor to my cRIO or cDAQ. My device appears to boot properly but I do not see any output on my monitor. ...

Writing LabVIEW Data to an Existing Excel File
<h3><strong>Problem:</strong></h3> <ul><li>I have an existing Excel file and I would like and add data to it</li><li>I would like to add data to the beginning, middle, or end of an Excel file without ...

USB-9213 Returns Corrupted Data in High-Speed Mode During On-Demand Acquisition
I am performing on-demand acquisition with a USB-9213 (NI 9213 in a USB-9162 sleeve) in high-speed mode, but some of my data after the first sample is corrupted. Why does this occur, and what can I do ...

Computer Encounter Black Screens or Long Boot Times After Installing NI Software
I recently installed NI software and am now experiencing unexpected behavior during booting and logging on to my computer such as long boot times or black screens after logging on. If I uninstall the software, ...

How Do I Route Signals Using A PXI Timing and Synchronization Card in .NET?
I am trying to route signals to, from, and within my PXI system through my PXI Timing and Synchronization card. I want to accomplish this using the .NET framework.

LabVIEW Executable Built with Microsoft 365 Will Not Run on Other Computers
I developed a LabVIEW program that uses the Report Generation Toolkit to interact with Microsoft Office. My development computer has Office 365 on it and everything works when I run the program on that ...

How Do I Export My Ultiboard User Database to Another Computer?
I have created custom components in Ultiboard that I would like to share but I cannot find an Export or Share option in Ultiboard 

C Series Digital I/O Behavior on Loss of Ethernet, Wireless, or USB Connection
If my C Series Digital I/O device (NI-9401, NI-9472, NI-9481, etc.) loses connection with the host controller, what happens to the current output configuration?

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