NI and the Internet of Things


When it comes to designing, testing, or monitoring Internet of Things (IoT) technology-based solutions, NI is an ideal partner with platform-based technologies and 40 years of business-to-business experience.

NI Industrial IoT Lab

The NI Industrial IoT Lab is a working showcase for Industrial IoT technologies and a space where companies collaborate to bring open, IIoT-based solutions and architectures to market.

  • Premier demonstration units focused on microgrid, TSN for flexible manufacturing, and intelligent asset monitoring
  • Over 20 industry leading technology companies and consortiums involved as collaborators
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News and Trends

Our ecosystem of customers, partners, and stakeholders can find value in the following resources that we as thought leaders in the IoT work to create, find, and share:

  • The most respected names in the high-technology industry discuss NI’s foundational role in developing the Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • NI pundits offer insight on how NI sees the future of the IoT, the IIoT, and the role of platform elements
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Designing Smart Connected Machines

A company can expand its reach, and thus addressable market, with a connected fleet. See how FireFly Equipment used NI’s platform and the IoT to:

  • Build an automated harvesting machine that it could monitor and control anywhere on the planet from its headquarters in Utah
  • Increase harvesting speed by 20 percent, reduce diesel fuel consumption by 50 percent, and reduce cost for FireFly customers
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Improving Uptime for Public Transportation

Mass transportation system outages are costly and leave passengers frustrated. See how London Underground designed a distributed, connected monitoring system for its Victoria Line to:

  • Improve uptime
  • Reduce lost customer hours by an estimated 39,000/year
  • Save an estimated £350,000/year in passenger disbenefit
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Monitoring the Electrical Grid

National Grid UK designed a distributed, platform-based monitoring solution for total harmonic distortion to address the following challenges being faced in the United Kingdom:

  • Power quality issues are surfacing as renewable energy resources supplement fossil fuel production
  • Grid operators are finding traditional measurement systems offer inadequate coverage when combined with the rapidly increasing demand for energy and the decommissioning of fossil fuel plants
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