NI Instrument Control

Automate Your Instrumentation

Reduce setup time and develop measurement systems faster with LabVIEW and IDNet instrument-specific drivers.

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Learn How LabVIEW Helps With Instrument Control

Develop measurement systems faster with LabVIEW using the graphical system design approach. LabVIEW is a single environment that connects to third-party instrumentation and provides extensive libraries for signal processing and data visualization.

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Use this system design software to connect to any instrument over any bus.

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Easily connect to any GPIB instrument with the industry’s most reliable GPIB controllers and software.


Serial (RS232/RS485/RS422)

Add serial interfaces to your system via USB, Ethernet, PXI, PXI Express, PCI, and PCI Express

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What’s New and Featured Resources

Learn More About Instrument Control

Instrument Control System Types

Explore stand-alone and modular instrumentation systems.

Instrument Control Fundamentals

Learn about a PC-based approach that combines programmable software and hardware connectivity for automating measurement acquisition from stand-alone instrumentation.

Setup and Support

Access support resources for instrument control system setup, training, and debugging.

Learn more about Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA)

With the VISA architecture, you can deploy systems in multiple operating systems, communicate to devices through new and existing popular buses, and preserve your software investment.