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Sensor Fundamentals: Position and Frequency Measurements www.ni.com/webcast/3757/en/
Explore methods for taking frequency and encoder measurements, connecting an encoder to the system, and determining the accuracy of your measurements. 

Sensor Fundamentals: Load, Pressure and Torque Measurements www.ni.com/webcast/3756/en/
Discover how to measure load and pressure using load cells and see how wheatstone bridges form the foundation of pressure, load, and torque measurements. Examine concepts like signal conditioning for load ...

NI LabVIEW Virtual User Groups: New Features in LabVIEW Object-Oriented Programming www.ni.com/webcast/1513/en/
Learn the basics of creating object-oriented applications using LabVIEW and review LabVIEW classes, access, scope and inheritance. Discuss new development techniques and new LabVIEW features that extend ...

Sensor Fundamentals: Sound and Vibration Measurements www.ni.com/webcast/3758/en/
Examine fundamental vibration concepts, various sensors and when to use them, system requirement considerations, and signal processing techniques.

Sensor Fundamentals: Strain Measurements www.ni.com/webcast/3753/en/
Learn the basics of strain gage operations, how bridge-based measurements work, possible sources of error in a strain measurement system, and how to reduce or eliminate these errors..

Sensor Fundamentals: Temperature Measurements www.ni.com/webcast/3759/en/
Review measurement and device considerations to take temperature measurements using thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), or thermistors. Learn the sensor measurement basics: how to connect ...

Volume License Manager: Download and Install www.ni.com/video/4263/en/
Not sure where to start? Download and install VLM with this step-by-step guide.

Sensor Fundamentals: Data Acquisition Basics and Terminology www.ni.com/webcast/3742/en/
Learn fundamental data acquisition concepts and terminology, essential sensor operating principles, and considerations for building a data acquisition system.

Instrument Control in Linux with GPIB: Set-up and Configuration www.ni.com/webcast/1438/en/
Use the Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to quickly and easily configure your GPIB instrument in Linux

Achieving Multicore Performance in ANSI C with LabWindows/CVI www.ni.com/webcast/287/en/
To continue to see performance gains with new multicore systems scientists and engineers need to adopt parallel programming architectures. In this webcast, learn more about the tools that LabWindows/CVI ...