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Case Studies
Every day NI customers find new and exciting ways to use out products. Search to see how customers like you are harnessing the power of graphical system design.

RF Academy
Watch how-to videos and read in-depth application notes to learn fundamental and advanced RF techniques and technologies.

Test Cell Measurement and Control
Test Cell Measurement and Control   Test cells combine industrial machinery with precision control and laboratory-quality measurements to replicate real-world environments for individual components, systems ...

Infotainment Test
Infotainment Test   Engineers in the automotive industry face new challenges with infotainment systems, which now introduce additional I/O like audio, video, and RF signals into systems that already have ...

Automated Test
Learn how National Instruments has helped more than 35,000 companies improve their automated test and measurement systems.

Webcasts and Videos
Experience National Instruments technologies without leaving your desk. Browse by the product, industry or application area listed to the left to find the right webcast for you.

Teaching Wireless Communications
Providing access to real-world signals, NI shows how communications courses can be more than just math, homework, and simulation.

Remote Diagnostics in a Fiber-Optic Network
Remotely controlling a fiber-optic wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) network tester installed in a field monitoring facility.

Using National Instruments Software and Hardware to Develop an Automated Test System for Satellite Communication Equipment
Developing an easy-to-use, comprehensive testing system for VME-based satellite communication boards.

Practical Engineering Education Through a Web Browser: An Internet of Engineering Lab Things
As a distance-learning institution, The Open University need to provide engineering undergraduates with emotionally engaging remote access to genuine engineering hardware, so they could undertake “learning ...