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Designing and Testing Guidance, Navigation, and Control Software for Landing on Mars Using NI LabVIEW and the ATA Aerospace Toolkit
Building and testing a complete dynamic flight system including guidance, navigation, and control (GN&C) flight software and a high-fidelity flight vehicle simulation (truth model) that demonstrates a ...

Developing a Quality Inspection Method for Selective Laser Melting of Metals with NI Hardware and Software
Controlling and monitoring the selective laser melting (SLM) process in real time to more accurately detect errors and maintain quality control.

Developing a Rapid Control Prototyping Platform for Implementing Advanced Engine Control Systems
Developing a rapid prototyping platform to implement a real-time control system for an internal combustion engine that can handle all the tasks commonly managed by a ECU, such as engine position sensing, ...

Developing an Embedded Fire Suppression System Using LabVIEW and NI Single-Board RIO for FedEx Express
Prototyping and deploying a cost-effective and reliable control solution for a fire suppression system for the main deck of FedEx Express freighter aircraft while meeting a very aggressive deployment schedule. ...

Ensuring the Safety and Performance of Small-Scale Wind-Turbines With NI CompactRIO
Creating a stand-alone, unified platform to acquire and analyze data that certifies small-scale wind turbine efficiency, operation, and structural integrity.

Full Surface Defect Detection in Hot Conditions for Steel Products
Developing an online surface inspection system for hot conditions (above 1,000 °C) where lamination and rolling mill defects occur to reduce production cost through preventive maintenance.

Designing an Electric Racecar With NI LabVIEW and NI Single-Board RIO
Developing telemetry and motor control systems for an electric racecar with highly modular, scalable hardware and software.

Developing a Starter Generator Test System with NI CompactRIO and LabVIEW
Developing a flexible, durable, and cost-effective automated test system for testing the performance of the starter-generator at various load conditions.

Engineered for Earthquakes: Preparing for the Next Big One
At the Earth’s surface, earthquakes manifest by shaking and sometimes displacing the ground. It is estimated around 500,000 earthquakes occur each year that are detectable with current instrumentation, ...

Developing a Measurement Control System for an Engine Using Biomass Gas Fuel
Analyzing and evaluating how differences in fuel gas components affect the conditions necessary to run an engine that uses biomass fuel.