Green Engineering

Engineers and scientists around the world are using the National Instruments graphical system design platform to make a positive impact on the global ecosystem. From the development of more energy-efficient systems to enhanced environmental monitoring and cleaner systems, many of today’s most pressing issues are being addressed with green engineering applications powered by NI products.

Energy Storage Systems

  • Automation of test analysis and reporting
  • Rapid control prototyping for testing real-world I/O
  • Cost-effective solution

Environmental Monitoring

  • Water, soil, air, and climate data collection
  • Indoor and outdoor applications in agriculture, energy, and research
  • Long-term, deployable solutions

Custom Power Measurement and Monitoring

  • LabVIEW programmable for custom analysis and logic
  • Full access to high-speed waveform data
  • Reprogram and update remotely

Solar Energy

  • Reduction in materials and maintenance costs
  • Rugged stand-alone platforms for in-field development
  • Manufacturing, test, and control on one platform

Wind Energy

  • High-performance component test and validation
  • Low-cost, modular, online wind condition monitoring
  • Ability to maximize energy production with advanced control

What Is Green Engineering?

Learn about the history of green engineering and access development techniques, example programs, and case studies.

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Green Engineering Resource Kit

Learn about the green engineering practices that are being developed and deployed with NI products and technologies.

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