National Instruments and the Automotive Industry

Found at nearly every automotive OEM and supplier, National Instruments tools accelerate the entire development process by providing a platform that allows for maximum reuse and unifies design, validation, and automated test. With these flexible hardware and software tools, you can efficiently test throughout development—from concept to production.

  • Increased Automotive Complexity
    Test from concept to production with NI solutions.
  • Rapid Control Prototyping
    Get your device under test up and running quickly.
  • Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing
    Test embedded software using real-time simulation.
  • In-Vehicle Test and Logging
    Addressing key challenges with the NI In-Vehicle Logging Platform
  • Infotainment Test
    Perform complete infotainment test in one platform.
  • Test Cell Measurement and Control
    Wineman Technology, a National Instruments Gold Level Alliance Partner with over 20 years of experience in creating solutions for test applications, has particular expertise with test cells and dynamometers.
  • End-of-Line Test
    Achieve high test coverage and throughput with the extensive NI PXI platform.

Testing From Concept to Production

Rapid Control Prototyping

  • Prototype electronic control unit (ECU) control strategies on real-time targets
  • Connect control models to real-world I/O
  • Reduce low-level implementation time and effort

Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

  • Truly open hardware and software platform
  • Wide variety of modular hardware I/O
  • Built on latest technology, including real-time multicore and FPGA

In-Vehicle Test and Logging

  • Use compact, rugged systems for in-vehicle measurements
  • Synchronize vehicle network and sensor data together
  • Quickly locate, inspect, analyze, and report on vehicle data

Infotainment Test

  • Single platform for testing RF, video, audio, vehicle networks, and other I/O
  • Ability to automate complex regression tests
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) test platform

Test Cell Measurement and Control

  • Integrate measurements with industrial test cell control
  • Perform servo-hydraulic and dynamometer control
  • Synchronize a variety of I/O with onboard vehicle data

End-of-Line Test

  • Modular, reliable test platform ideal for high throughput production
  • Extensive options for testing sensors, actuators, and ECUs
  • Connectivity to specialty instrumentation and load systems