XDT_MFX DataPlugin

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This DataPlugin supports reading/importing and writing/exporting of Toyota XDT files (writing in 32-bit application only). The DataPlugin also supports the reading/importing of MFX and MFXZ files. 

XDT, MFX, and MFXZ files contain measurement data from the Toyota ECU tool.

The ECU tool has to be installed in order to use this DataPlugin.

Note: If you want to use the XDT_MFX DataPlugin in a 64-bit environment, please also download the uspXDT_MFX_64.uri file from the Downloads area and double-click it. It will install to the folder of the installed 32-bit version. In the 64-bit application setup, you may experience greater loading times and the DataPlugin will not display any error messages. If the 64-bit application is much slower than the 32-bit application, please request performance improvement here.


File Extensions: *.XDT *.MFX;*.MFXZ
Direction: Read / Write (32-bit only) Read /  -
Last Change: February 27, 2020 [19.0.07727]




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