Yokogawa_WDF DataPlugin

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The Yokogawa_WDF DataPlugin supports the reading of Yokogawa Waveform Data Files (WDF) created by the following Yokogawa hardware: 


  • DL350 series
  • DL750 series (realtime data, no 64-bit version)
  • DL850 and 850E series
  • DL9000 series                         (no 64-bit version)
  • SL1000 series
  • DLM2000 series
  • DLM3000 series
  • DLM4000 series
  • DL6000 series
  • DLM6000 series
  • PX8000 series


This DataPlugin is available for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

File Extension: *.WDF
Direction: Read / ---
Last Change: February 13, 2018 []
Update Information:
  • Added DLM 3000 series and updated library for DL350 and DL 850 series.




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Customer Reviews
3 Reviews | Submit your review

Does not support large logging files  - May 22, 2017

Apparently does not support large data files. Loaded a large file with over 1 billion data points, only the first 29352707 data points are being loaded, the rest does not load.

Plugin Frustrating for Multiple Data Blocks  - Apr 11, 2017

I second the motion. The plugin works for basic data, but I am frustrated that it doesn't access all of the data blocks caused by multiple triggered events. This may steer us in a different direction.

Does not open the complete wdf file  - Feb 5, 2016

The wdf file can contain multiple blocks of data, one for every trigger event. Using this data plugin only opens one block of data though it does indicate that multiple blocks of data exist.

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