IMAQdx Stream Image to Disk Using Asynchronous TDMS

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Stream images to disk using Asynchronous TDMS

The Asynchronous Stream Photo example attached uses Asynchronous TDMS VIs to quickly stream images from a camera that uses the IMAQdx driver to disk.  The Asynchronous Read VI, which is called from the Asynchronous Stream Photo VI, then reads in the TDMS data and converts it to individual images, which then save into a folder of images.

If you receive error -68002 when running this VI, then follow the steps described below.

1. Open the Windows Control Panel.
2. Click System and Security in the Category view.
3. Click Change User Account Control settings in the Action Center section.
4. In the User Account Control Settings dialog box that appears, move the security slider down to Never notify.

Caution: Changing the security settings might bring your computer to potential security risks. Click the Tell me more about User Account Control settings link in this dialog box to understand the potential security risks of each setting.

5.Restart your computer.

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1 Review | Submit your review

Bug in   - Aug 14, 2012

There is a bug in "Asynchronous". In the For Loop, there is an integer constant of 640 that is wired to the y value of the quotient and remainder function. This y value should be wired to the Width control (ie, the width of the image). As is, this subVI will only work if your image is 640 pixels wide. When wired correctly to the Width control, the subVI will work for any image size used.

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