Mass Compile Log Viewer

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The Mass Compile Log Viewer tool allows you to quickly make sense of mass compile logs. It provides a user-friendly interface to provide detailed information on each log entry, and helps to address the errors.

Table of Contents

Navigating the Interface

The Mass Compile Log Viewer (mass_compile_log_viewer.exe) is divided into 3 sections, as shown in the below screenshot:

  1. The Entry Selection Listbox - each entry in the mass compile log will be added as an entry in this Listbox.  Clicking an entry will populate the other fields with specific information.  If you double-click an entry, the viewer will attempt to launch an item mentioned in the log entry.

  2. The Error Description Textbox - This section displays a summary of the entry, and provides suggestions for troubleshooting the problem.

  3. The File Information Textbox - This section displays detailed information about the entry, including the full paths of any relevant items.

Loading a Mass Compile Log

Mass compile logs can be loaded through the import dialog wizard either through pasting text into the Import window, or directly opening a log file.  Click the Import Log button or navigate to File»Import Log to access the import dialog box:

Viewing a Summary of the Mass Compile Log

To view a summary of the log, including the Compiled file or directory an the total mass compile time, navigate to File»Log Summary.  The Log Summary dialog will appear:

How to Start Using the Mass Compile Log Viewer

  1. Download and unzip
  2. Open Mass Compile Log and follow instructions to review mass compile logs

Code was developed to work with LabVIEW versions 8.5 and higher. However, the viewer can accept Mass Compile logs from older versions of LabVIEW. 

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