3D Obstacle Detection Reference Example

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In motion applications, especially robotics, it is imperative to know if a generated motion path is free of obstacles. This algorithm provides a solution for checking if a straight line move intersects a 3D region. This region is defined by an array of “faces” or planes defined by three points.

The 3D Obstacle detection algorithm mathematically checks if a straight line intersects an array of triangular faces. The triangular faces are defined by 3 points or vertices.

In the figure below the front panel of the example program is shown. It graphically displays the 3D faces and move line. In this example, a simple array of triangular faces is generated to represent a cube from the “No Move Zone” criteria. After this array is built, the program checks all the faces for intersections with the move line. Multiple 3D regions of much greater complexity can be analyzed for intersections using this same algorithm.

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Not for LV8.5 Mac  - May 18, 2009

Won't run under 8.5 on a Mac, due to the lack of 3D graphing VIs. Have not yet tried under 8.6 on an Intel Mac...

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3d Obstacle Detection



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