Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit: Marginal Condition

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This example shows how to compute the marginal condition of a spectrogram with the TFA Marginal Integration VI. The Wigner-Ville distribution (WVD) or Choi-Williams distribution (CWD) of a Gaussian chirp is computed. In theory, the time and frequency marginal conditions of the WVD and CWD are exactly corresponding to the instantaneous power and the FFT-based power spectrum respectively. The example demonstrates such property of the WVD and CWD. This program is a shipping example VI included with the Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit for NI LabVIEW.

This software is written in LabVIEW, a graphical programming language designed for scientists and engineers. For more information about LabVIEW, visit

Advanced Signal Processing Toolkit Example Programs
The National Instruments Spectral Measurements Toolkit provides a set of flexible spectral measurements in LabVIEW and LabWindows/CVI, including power spectrum, peak power and frequency, in-band power, adjacent-channel power, and occupied bandwidth, as well as 3D spectrogram capabilities. In addition, the Spectral Measurements Toolkit contains VIs and functions for performing modulation-domain operations such as passband (IF) to baseband (I-Q) conversion, I-Q to IF conversion, and generation/analysis of analog modulated signals. The combination of these optimized algorithms and the GHz processing of your PC delivers unmatched measurement throughput.

More information on National Instruments signal processing can be found at the Signal Processing Resource Center.

1. Front Panel

This is a picture of the VI's front panel. To view the block diagram and additional documentation, download the attached file.

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Marginal Condition



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