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This example shows how to use the pattern matching tools in NI Vision. Pattern matching is the technique used to quickly locate known reference or fiducial patterns in an image. Pattern matching is the key to many applications. Pattern matching can provide your application with information about the presence or absence, number, and location of the model within an image.

Pattern matching is used in three general applications areas:

* Alignment -- Determine the position and orientation of a known object by locating features. The features are used as points of reference on the object.

* Gauging -- Measure lengths, diameters, angles, and other critical dimensions. If the measurements fall outside of set tolerance levels then the component is rejected. Gauging sometimes is used in-line with the manufacturing process and off-line. If the measurements are made off-line, a sample of components is used to determine the quality of a lot or batch of manufactured components.

* Inspection -- Detect simple flaws, such as missing parts or unreadable printing.

1. Front Panel

This example requires LabVIEW and is included with the Vision Development Module. Download the Vision Development Module Evaluation to try this example. After installing the software, open LabVIEW and navigate to Help » Find Examples... » Toolkits and Modules.

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Customer Reviews
2 Reviews | Submit your review

  - Jun 11, 2010

This example runs fine as long as you have NI Vision installed.

  - Sep 6, 2009

Two vi's that are required to run this vi are missing, thus rendering this vi inoperable. They are "Draw Pattern Matches" and "IMAQ Vision Example" The last one is also required for a number of other example vi's, rendering those vi's inoperable as well.

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