VISA Custom Steps for TestStand

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The VISA step types are an example of custom steps that integrate TestStand with VISA devices.  This example provides a set of new steps that allow TestStand to perform basic VISA operations such as Read, Write, and Configure Serial Port without additional code.

The VISA steps use the TestStand C/CVI Standard Prototype Adapter to communicate with a DLL created with LabWindows/CVI.  The zip file contains all of the source files and the LabWindows/CVI project file for the DLL, a new TestStand VISA Steps type palette file, and a Readme.doc file with instructions about how to install and use the new steps.

If you need to perform more sophisticated VISA tasks, you can use the NI-VISA built-in functions available in LabVIEW or LabWindows/CVI to develop your code.  This example requires the NI-VISA driver.

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