Waveform Graph Cursors

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The two VIs in this example show possible uses of waveform graph cursors. Waveform graph cursors are useful for picking values from a plot graphically using a mouse.

The goal of each VI is to return the difference of the y values of two plots on the same waveform graph at any given x position. This output is denoted by "delta Y" on the front panel.

Waveform Difference with 2 cursors.vi accomplishes this using two free cursors. Each cursor's x position programmatically tracks the x position of the other cursor. One cursor at a time may be moved by the user. The cursors are programmatically snapped to the plots.

Waveform Difference with 1 cursor.vi accomplishes this using one cursor which is locked to one of the plots.

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Customer Reviews
2 Reviews | Submit your review

Too Old  - Jul 27, 2016

This VI example needs to be updated.

VI version too early to open  - Jul 17, 2014

Could not open the VIs, I'm using LV2013.

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Waveform Difference with 1 cur



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