VXI/VME RORA Interrupt Handler Example

Publish Date: Sep 06, 2006 | 7 Ratings | 3.14 out of 5 | Print | Submit your review
This example illustrates how to configure National Instrument VXI/VME controllers to respond to RORA interrupters. RORA (Release On Register Access) interrupters do not respond to a typical VXI/VME interrupt acknowledge cycle. RORA devices release the interrupt line(s) that they are asserting when you read/write to a device specific register.

The example configures the controller to respond to a RORA interrupt and installs a handler that writes to a device specific register that causes the device to deassert the interrupt. This example also includes code to assert an interrupt on a fictional VME device

NOTE: You can NOT simply use this example with any RORA based interrupter. You will need to consult your device programming manual to learn about the device specific registers and operations required for the device to release the interrupt line that it asserts. You will also need to refer to the device programming manual in order to determine how to configure your device to assert an interrupt.

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