Serial Communication - Basic Serial Write and Read

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This example demonstrates basic serial features. This example opens one VISA resource and configures one COM port. It then performs a serial port read, a serial port write, or both based on the options (read or write) that the user selects on the front panel. If both are selected, the VI will first write data, then read data, and finally close the VISA session that is opened to the port. If a read is performed, this VI will wait until the specified number of bytes is received at the port. Only the number of bytes specified will be read.

To use this example in LabVIEW 6.1, please search for "Serial Communication for LabVIEW 6.1"

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4 Reviews | Submit your review

Crashes  - Apr 13, 2016

This VI becomes unresponsive when I attempt to change the VISA resource name or the baud rate. It happens whether or not the VI is running. Windows 7 Lab View 2015

single-line summary  - Oct 28, 2015


  - Feb 20, 2014

I have a problem in VISA serial is that when I am writing the strings in to the serial port I am not getting these strings in read buffer of VISA serial read.

  - Oct 25, 2007

good job

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