MDF3 DataPlugin

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This DataPlugin supports reading / importing of Bosch MDF data files, ETAS INCA® MDF data, and Vector CANape® and other Vector products. The DataPlugin supports MDF version 3.0 files up to version 3.2. The MDF DataPlugin also supports writing of MDF 3.0 and 3.2 files. 

The Measure Data Format (MDF) is well-established in the automotive industry for recording, exchanging, and post-measurement analysis. MDF files are produced by eg. INCA® from ETAS, and by CANape® and other products from Vector.

A DIAdem script that maps MDF channels to a common time channel is described in this KB article.

Note: There is a second DataPlugin which supports MDF version 4 files.

Supported Features (Reading MDF3 Files):

  • Reads MDF3 files up to version 3.2.
  • Channels with data types int40/48/56-bit
  • Channels with data types #7, #9 up to #16
    [unsigned integer, signed integer (two’s complement), IEEE 754 floating-point format FLOAT (4 bytes), IEEE 754 floating-point format DOUBLE (8 bytes)  with Big Endian (Motorola) or Little Endian (Intel) Byte order.]
  • Channels with length 0.
  • Additional MDF header properties: "Author" ("Operator name"), "Project" and "Division".
  • Ignores invalid block ID's and continue loading.
  • Replaces "/" characters with "\" in channel names and group names. (The "/" character is defined as separator for addressing a channel with group- and channel name syntax.)
  • As of version the root property "hd_start_time", representing the start time of the measurement, has been added.
    Previously the root property "datetime" was used.
  • Creates additional properties encoded in the "root.description" property separated by ":".
    (only if long channel names are used)
  • XY-relation properties

Supported Features (Writing MDF3 Files):

  • Writes MDF3 files in versions 3.0 and 3.2.
    Writing behavior is controlled by the root property 'version'. Set this property value to "MDF 3.2" to write MDF 3.2 files.
  • When writing MDF3 files, the first channel of a channel group is treated as a time channel.
  • All channels in a group must have the same channel length.
  • Only 8190 channels per group are supported
  • Only the following set of properties are written to MDF3 files. All other properties are ignored when writing MDF3 files.
    Root   Level:
       description(string), author(string), datestring(string), timestring(string), Division(string), Project(string), Program(string), Subject(string)
    Group  Level:   description(string)
    Channel Level:
       name(string), description(string), unit_string(string), LongName(string)
  • Supports long channel names to support more than 32 characters.
  • Channel data is stored in Little Endian (Intel).

Non-Supported Features:

  • Ignores text channels when writing MDF files.


Note: This DataPlugin is available for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.


File Extension: *.MDF, *.DAT
Direction: Read / Write
Last Change: December 4, 2019 [19.0.07643]
Update Information:
  • Added the required source for missing channels as channel property "ce_dim_sgid"







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Customer Reviews
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Add channel Min and Max properties  - Nov 28, 2016

Plugin works well. But would be useful to have the channel min and max properties calculated during the indexing so files can be filtered based on them.

  - Sep 3, 2013

Hi MANIKANDAN, DataPlugins do not have a concatenate feature when writing. Instead you can load both the MDF files you want to concatenate into DIAde, make the concatenation happen in the Data Portal, then save the concatenated data to a new data file.

mdf plugin  - Aug 16, 2013

i cant able to append data to the previous logged file, why is that so? kindly reply if there is any way to do that.....

Limited channel name length  - Mar 1, 2012

Hello, It seems the data plugin limits the length of the channel names when importing the signals from an MDF file, is there a trick to increase the name length? Respectfully yours, E

MDF format now at V4  - Oct 17, 2011

Is there a plan to update this plugin to support the new ASAM Common MDF 4 specification?

MDF DataPlugin requires DIAdem 10.0  - May 13, 2008

The MDF DataPlugin does work with DIAdem 10.0 and higher. DIAdem 9.1 is not supported by the MDF DataPlugin.

Problem with mdf-plugin in DIADEM 9.1  - Sep 7, 2007

Hello, I downloaded the MDF Dataplugin and installed it on my PC with DIADEM 9.10.2036. When trying to open a Canape MDF-file I get the error message: " Das Laden der Datei "C:\TMP\S_Fahrt1.mdf" mit dem Ladeverfahren "MDF" ist fehlgeschlagen! Einzelheiten können Sie der Logdatei entnehmen. Fehlermeldung des Ladeverfahrens: Die Datei "C:\TMP\S_Fahrt1.mdf" kann nicht geöffnet werden." " The file should be ok Best regards Dr. Mathias Lutz

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