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This DataPlugin supports reading / importing and writing / exporting of Audio WAVE files.

This DataPlugin can read and write Audio WAVE files with 1, 2 or more channels. Audio WAVE files play recorded sound in Windows Media Player and similar applications. It also supports Float_IEEE format sound files.

Supported features:

  • Reading of optional custom properties from WAV files.
  • Speeding up DataFinder indexing of big *.WAV files.

Writing audio files:

  • The Audio DataPlugin writes all channels of the first group to the WAV file.
  • The sampling rate can be controlled by adding the property "Sampling_Rate" to the group and applying the desired sampling rate. The default value is 44100.
  • Also the bit resolution can be adapted by assigning 8, 16, 24, or 32 to the group property "Bits_Per_Sample". The default is 32.
  • The Audio DataPlugin writes bulk data as IEEE_FLOAT WAV if all channel values are between [-1, 1], otherwise the DataPlugin writes bulk data as PCM formatted data with integer conversion from double values.
  • Can be extended to more than 64 audio channels in WAV files.


  • The Audio DataPlugin uses the Microsoft DirectShow API. Different machines can have different versions of DirectShow filters, which can introduce slightly different decoded values (DirectShow filters can be updated along with applications such as Microsoft Windows Media Player, Microsoft DirectX, etc.).
  • This DataPlugin is available for 32-bit and 64-bit applications.

File Extension: *.AFC; *.AIF; *.AU; *.MP3; *.WAV; *.WMA
Direction: Read / Write
Last Change: May 15, 2018 []
Update Information: New installer




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