Smarter Test for Smart Vehicles

Innovate with confidence knowing that your NI test system is ready to evolve with the constantly changing requirements of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles, combustion and electric powertrains, and advanced body and chassis systems.

Ensuring You're Ready for the Future

It's about more than just ADAS and autonomous vehicles. All aspects of cars are becoming smarter, and with this innovation comes new testing challenges. System interdependencies and new technologies like EV power electronics, radar, lidar, and V2X are increasing test complexity, cost, and time. With the flexibility of an open, software-centric platform, the widest breadth of I/O, and system-wide synchronization, NI and its expansive ecosystem of technology and integration partners are ready to help you develop end-to-end solutions that fully simulate and test the technologies of today and tomorrow.

The NI Competitive Edge

User-Controlled Customization

NI systems are built on open standards and modular hardware, so you can dictate channel count and I/O types. With an open solution, you know what's inside and can adapt to changing requirements as they come.

Ready for New Technologies

Stay competitive by welcoming the latest automotive developments. With NI testers, you can respond to an evolving technological land space by incorporating radar, cameras, and whatever comes next.

Infinitely Scalable

Scale from small desktop tests to full system integration testing using the same hardware and software by taking advantage of advanced synchronization across I/O types and third-party components.

Limitless Signal Manipulation

User programmable FPGAs allow for high-speed processing and analysis like that used in bitstream manipulation for camera and protocol testing, running high-speed motor models, and custom sensor simulation.

Making Autonomous Vehicles a Reality

Testing Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are becoming a reality with the help of the NI platform. NI tools are being used globally to test this technology today while still being expandable for tomorrow's advancements.

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