Radar, Electronic Warfare, and Signals Intelligence

Modern radar, electronic warfare, and signals intelligence (SIGINT) systems capture, process, and record wide signal bandwidths at a broad range of frequencies. NI provides software and instrumentation to adapt these systems to new signal types and threats.

NI Expertise Overview

Radio signals are evolving to higher and wider frequency bands. This creates challenges for aerospace and defense programs that need to send and receive clear signals. The measurement tools used to analyze the frequency components of signals—and identify what distinguishes the quality of some components from others—must keep pace. NI offers tools for algorithm development, real-time spectrum monitoring, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test, and functional test of radar, electronic warfare, and SIGINT systems. NI’s software defined radio and FPGA-enabled instrumentation provide superior speed for monitoring wireless environments including interference signals, illegal transmitters, and surveillance for algorithm development and spectrum monitoring applications. You can quickly test signal strength and effectiveness with better throughput and more flexibility using RF HIL test systems and ATE built with NI PXI instrumentation.

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