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NI Tools Keep Ford at the Forefront of Innovation

Kurt D. Osborne
Ford Motor Company

"Ford has a long history with NI, and we have used LabVIEW to develop various aspects of every fuel cell electric vehicle that we produce and to successfully design and implement a real-time embedded control system for an automotive FCS."

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National Instruments offers a full suite of tools for system identification, control design, simulation, and controller implementation. Take advantage of custom algorithm development, analysis, and visualization as well as integration with NI hardware for rapid control prototyping.

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To reduce maintenance costs and maximize energy production, wind turbine control design teams are developing advanced control systems that take advantage of today’s advanced embedded system platforms. NI LabVIEW software provides a high-level control design environment that creates a seamless transition to deployment hardware on reconfigurable field-programmable gate array (FPGA)-based embedded platforms such as NI CompactRIO hardware. These programmable automation controller (PAC) systems combine traditional digital control capabilities with advanced high-speed analog I/O and unparalleled real-time signal processing performance.

Control Design Guide for Smart Machines
Learn about essential technologies for designing smart machines, from common architectures for distributed machine control systems to motion vision integration to advanced control strategies.

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Software for Embedded Control

The NI graphical system design platform reduces development costs and shortens time to market with the ability to design, prototype, and deploy embedded systems with NI LabVIEW graphical software and modular off-the-shelf hardware. You can take advantage of the NI embedded platform to reduce the cost of your embedded design.

  • Perform advanced control beyond proportional integral derivative (PID)
  • Use more than 500 included signal processing and analysis functions

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Hardware for Embedded Control

NI CompactRIO hardware is ideal for industrial machine development. Select the appropriate chassis, controller, and modules for your application, and the CompactRIO advisor recommends the necessary components and accessories to complete your system.

  • Customize your system by choosing only the components you need
  • Print an itemized list or visit the online store to purchase your system
  • Third-party modules are available from NI Alliance Partners for special needs

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Locate an NI Partner

NI solutions partners are companies involved in the delivery of NI products as solutions or companies that provide complementary software and hardware products.

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Benefits of NI for Embedded Control

  • Open platform for integration with industry-standard tools preserves investment
  • Single-path real-time and debugging integration for rapid deployments
  • User-definable FPGAs for advanced on-chip high-speed I/O and control

Build Embedded Control Systems

Learn the basics of building embedded control systems with a focus on common practical concepts.

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