Embedded Systems for Monitoring and Control


With the pace of change continually accelerating and the pressure to do more with less increasing, new technologies are emerging faster than ever. Additionally, the cost and risk of creating high-quality embedded systems has become more expensive and many organizations are reaching their breaking point. Don’t be one of them. Take advantage of National Instruments’ comprehensive, integrated hardware and software platform to empower your team and focus on the engineering tasks that matter most.

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NI's Embedded Solutions

Accomplish More With NI Embedded Systems

Learn how embedded systems help design teams overcome complexity using a simplified platform approach.

Elements of Successful Embedded System Design

Use intuitive graphical programming with a wide variety of reconfigurable hardware form factors.

Make an Impact With NI Embedded Systems

Browse common industries where NI tools are revolutionizing embedded systems for monitoring and control applications.

Understand the Hidden Cost of Embedded System Design

Discover the financial benefits and trade-offs between buying off–the-shelf tools from NI versus building a custom solution with traditional embedded system design tools.

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Redesigned. Reimagined. Remarkable. NI CompactRIO.

See CompactRIO, the latest NI software-designed controller, which features improved performance, openness, flexibility, and connectivity—and learn how NI is fundamentally changing embedded system design.

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Additional Resources

Embedded Systems Overview

Explore how NI tools are being used for embedded system design to solve complex engineering challenges in a variety of industries and applications around the world.

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Webcast: NI Embedded Monitoring and Control Solutions

Watch a short introductory webcast to see how NI embedded hardware and NI LabVIEW system design software is giving smaller design teams the ability to prototype and deploy demanding embedded systems for monitoring and control applications faster.

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Advanced PACs

Solve advanced control problems in rugged, industrial environments with NI programmable automation controllers (PACs).

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