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Consumer Electronics

Consumers expect products that have better quality, more flexibility, and new features at a lower price. For example, high-definition video is now being captured by camcorders instead of high-end movie cameras and users can upload and stream YouTube clips or download apps to their smartphone. To keep up with today's consumer electronics needs, design and test engineers need flexible, high-performance test systems. National Instruments offers a software-based measurement strategy, using modular instruments that make it easy to quickly adapt to the latest audio, video, and wireless requirements. The result is an integrated test platform that can keep pace with new innovations.

Semiconductor Test

  • Find solutions for characterization through production
  • Repeat benchtop measurements faster with PXI
  • Combine DMMs, SMUs, and high-speed digital boards designed for automated test

Audio Test

  • Automate audio measurements for pass/fail testing
  • Test analog and digital audio in a single solution
  • Create custom audio measurements or use configurable test steps for rapid development

Multimedia Test

  • Configure automated video measurements
  • Test analog and digital video in a single solution
  • Test Full HD (1080p/60 Hz) digital video, HDCP encrypted video, and deep color content

Wireless Test

  • Develop efficiently with protocol specific toolkits
  • Repeat benchtop measurements faster with PXI
  • Increase throughput by 10x with solutions architected on PXI and modular instruments

What Is PXI?

Explore the architecture of PXI hardware and software. PXI is a rugged, PC-based platform for measurement and automation systems.

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New to Modular Instruments?

View the latest demonstrations that show applications, features, and how to use NI modular instruments.

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Case Studies

Discover how industry-leading consumer electronics companies, including Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and Dell, have benefited from NI modular hardware and the software-defined test approach.

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