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Download Language: English

Product Line: Ultiboard


Release date: 04-01-2007

Software type: Application Software

Operating system: Windows XP; Windows 2000


This NI Circuit Design Suite Software Patch download updates all Version 10 Editions, this includes:

  • Ultiboard Full
  • Ultiboard Power Pro
  • Ultiboard Education
  • Ultiboard Student
  • Multisim Base
  • Multisim Full
  • Multisim Power Pro
  • Multisim Education
  • Multisim Student
  • Multisim MCU Module

This Software Patch corrects the following issues in NI Circuit Design Suite 10.0:

Ultiboard 10.0
  1. Crashes fixed:
    • Adding or removing DRC filters in the Spreadsheet View
Multisim 10.0
  1. Crashes fixed:
    • Closing all open windows while leaving the breadboard view open
    • Deleting placed breadboard components, closing the breadboard, then reopening it
    • Selecting the Select All command in the breadboard view
  2. Fixed an issue where sometimes breadboard components could not be shown
  3. Fixed an issue where breadboard components become unplaced if the file was saved with the breadboard view open but not active
  4. Fixed an issue where breadboard components would become unplaced the second time the breadboard is shown
  5. Fixed an issue where setting the Default Circuit Path in the Global Restrictions would prevent components from showing in the breadboard
  6. Fixed an issue where the toolbars would not immediately refresh when closing the Description Box Editor with an open Instrument window
NOTE: The breadboard is a feature included only in the Educational and Student Editions of Multisim.


  • DRC filter fixes
  • Breadboard View fixes (Educational and Student Editions only)
  • Toolbar and Description Box fixes

Installation Instructions

Product versions updated:

  • NI Circuit Design Suite 10.0 Professional and Education Editions Build 10.0.144
  • NI Circuit Design Suite 10.0 Student Edition Build 10.0.175
NOTE: You can check the Build Version of your installation if you select Help » About Ultiboard.

After the update is installed your software Build Version will be 10.0.267.

  1. Download this self-extract executable to your local hard disk
  2. Close any open applications
  3. Double-click the file to run the unzip utility, this will start the Setup application once all files have been unzipped
  4. Follow the installer instructions
NOTE: You may need to reboot the computer after setup is complete.

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