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Download Language: English

Product Line: VeriStand

Version: 2010

Release date: 03-18-2011

Software type: Application Software

Operating system: Windows 7; Windows XP; Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit; Windows Server 2003 R2 32-bit


This patch fixes a number of issues in NI VeriStand 2010. For a full list of fixed issues, please visit the NI VeriStand 2010 f3 Patch Details KnowledgeBase Article.


Installation Instructions

Verify that the 2010 f3 update is installed correctly in the following ways.

  • View the file version of NI VeriStand.exe and verify it states 2010.0.3.4.
  • (Full and Deployment License) In MAX, launch the LabVIEW Real-Time Software Wizard for your target and verify that the engine version states 2010.0.0.3.


Complete the following steps to install the NI VeriStand 2010 f3 update for Full, PC, and Deployment Licensed installations.

Note  Some virus detection programs interfere with the installer. Disable any automatic virus detection programs before you install. After installation, check your computer for viruses and enable any virus detection programs you disabled.

  1. Log on as an administrator or as a user with administrator privileges.
  2. Close all NI software.
  3. Download and unzip
  4. Run setup.exe and follow the prompts.
  5. Restart your computer after installation if prompted.
  6. (Full and Deployment License) Update the NI VeriStand RT Engine on each RT target running the NI VeriStand RT Engine from Measurement & Automation Explorer with the following steps.
    1. Open Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).
    2. Expand Remote Systems in the MAX configuration tree and then expand your RT target.
    3. Select Software.  Click the Add/Remove Software icon on the toolbar to launch the LabVIEW Real-Time Software Wizard.
    4. Double-Click NI VeriStand RT Engine and select Reinstall the feature from the pull-down menu.
    5. Complete the reinstallation using the LabVIEW Real-Time Software Wizard.


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