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Download Language: English; Japanese

Product Line: FieldPoint

Version: 6.0.8f1

Release date: 03-02-2011

Software type: Driver

Operating system: PharLap; Windows 7; Windows Vista; Windows XP; Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit; Windows Server 2003 R2 32-bit


This update for NI-FieldPoint 6.0.8  fixes an Error Information problem. The FieldPoint error description file is installed to the wrong directory so LabVIEW does not report the error descriptions for FieldPoint errors. Error codes are reported correctly and this should not affect existing applications. NI recommends this update for all NI-FieldPoint 6.0.8 installations.

Installation Instructions

You have to install NI-FieldPoint 6.0.8 first before you can install the 6.0.8f1 Patch.

Execute the nifpswPatch608.exe file. The self-extracting executable will create the installation files necessary for installing NI-Fieldpoint and then start the installation. After the installation completes, you may delete the installation image to recover disk space. You should not delete the installation image if you wish to be able to modify or repair the installation in the future.

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